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Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)


The town of Silent Hill is like any other small berg in America: a regal main street, family owned businesses and a portal to a hellish alternate dimension that opens every night.  Oh, and don’t forget that constant fog and falling ash that we all love about our small towns.   Young Heather was born is this awful place, but was taken away by her father Harry (Sean Bean); and ever since then she has been having nightmare about the town wanting her back… which it does.  So far, moving from town to town and changing their names has kept the townspeople from tracking them down, but that is all about to change now that her new boyfriend (Kit Harrington) is revealed to actually be from Silent Hill.

Although he swears that he only wants to help Heather, her new beau has unwittingly gotten her father captured by the townsfolk in an effort to lure her back to Silent Hill.  Of course their plan works, as she travels back to Hellville to find her daddy.  As night falls, the buildings seem to crumble and rot before her eyes as the monsters and whatnot come out to wreak havoc.  She encounters horrific creatures that would enjoying nothing more than to eat her or chop her into bits, and must escape them and find her dad before the town takes her back.

Alex’s Thoughts:   I have never played any of the Silent Hill games or seen the first movie, and would therefore not consider myself to be a fan of the series, but that didn’t keep me from enjoying this one.  I was in the mood for a horror flick and found this on Netflix, and expected to be disappointed, but for once I was surprised.  It isn’t great or anything, but the effects are good and most of the creatures are all practical make-up, which I appreciate.  It also helped that I am a huge Game of Thrones fan, so having Eddard Stark and Jon Snow on the screen together in something else was fun for me.  And yes, Sean Bean dies a horrific death, although it is only in a dream, but he keeps he streak of dying in his roles alive (pun intended).  Fans of the series seem to have different opinions on this movie, but as a casual viewer and fan or the horror genre, I would recommend it, as it is something different from all the haunting and possession flicks that have been forced on us lately.  Alex Rates This Movie 7.5/10



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Black Death (2011)

In the mid 14th century the bubonic plague is sweeping across Europe.  Most people believe the pestilence is a punishment from God.  A young monk named Osmond isn’t so sure about that or his current job at the moment.  He has a girlfriend on the side, which is most likely frowned upon by the order, and he sends her away to escape the plague and to lessen his temptation.  He prays to God for a sign, and finds it in a man, sent by the church, who needs a guide to a remote village. The guy is Ulric (Sean Bean), and has been ordered by the bishop to see why this village has not been touched by the plague.  Surely it is because of witchcraft, and Ulric is going to get to the bottom of it.

Ulric and Osmond are part of a large group, and after a few days reach the village.  The lady in charge of the place seems nice enough, but the group believes they know what is really going one here.  The head lady takes Osmond into a back room where she shows him his girlfriend who has been killed outside of town.  Later that night she drugs the rest of the group and leads Osmond into the woods, where she does some necromancy and brings his woman back to life.  So they really are a bunch of witches!  The rest of the group is locked up and will be executed unless they renounce God and join this village of the damned. They aren’t too keen on the idea and most of them come to a horrible fate. Especially Ulric who is ripped apart by horses, but not before exposing the fact that he has the plague, and their village is now screwed.  Osmond and the witch are the only ones left standing, and he will not stop until she is dead.

Alex’s Thoughts: I came upon this while browsing Netflix. I have been wanting to see Nic Cage’s Season of the Witch, as I thought the plot seemed like I would enjoy it, but stumbled on this one that looks to have the exact same plot, and I would rather watch Sean Bean in a role like this than Nic Cage any day.  The story is good enough, and it a period piece.  Sean Bean pretty much plays his Game of Thrones character in this one, and there is nothing wrong with that.  The ending where the monk takes over Sean Bean’s job as witch hunter for the church is interesting but you only get to see about 2 minutes of that.  If you like period movies, you might want to try this out. Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. The tone is consistent, and while there aren’t many surprises, the pacing is solid, and the characters are all pretty stock, but still very watchable. Not Kubrick, but definitely not bad. I don’t have a lot to say, mostly because the “twist” has been done a hundred times, but to the film’s credit, I was not clock watching like I normally do. I think if you like medieval period flicks then this will scratch that itch. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“This village is without the pestilence… but it is also without God. For this, they will suffer.”

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