American Mary (2012)


The life of a medical school student is probably pretty rough: lots of assignments, clinicals and probably roughest of all: the tuition.  That’s the issue Mary is dealing with at the moment, she’s in danger of having all of her utilities shut off and close to becoming homeless. She must work extra hours at a diner in order to make ends meet, this affecting her school work.  It’s a Lose/Lose for this poor thing.  She eventually comes to that point that every student has to face: do I need to start stripping?   According to the plot: yes. Yes she does.  Her audition doesn’t go great, but the shady club owner learns of her skill with a scalpel, and offers her a quick $5k if she tortures some guy they have locked up downstairs.  Money is money, and she takes the job and realize that people are just meat and blood, and thinks she might have found a new career.  After her professor sexually assaults her, she is now sure she doesn’t want to be a doctor, and has a subject she can practice on without feeling bad.

She is introduced to one of the friend’s of the strippers at the club, a famous fashion designer, and who wants some surgery that no real doctor is willing to perform. So Mary steps up and gladly accepts her cash, and her request to remove all evidence of her client being a woman.  Things go well, and just like that, Mary is famous in the underground elective surgery community.  She is making money hand-over-fist doing tongue splittings, implants and elective amputations, and has built up quite the client base. Not everything is perfect, soon the police show up questioning her about her missing teacher, and not only that, but not everyone is excited about the surgeries being performed on their loved ones.  Can Mary keep the surgery train running, or will she meet the business end of the scalpel herself?

Alex’s Thoughts: I hadn’t heard much about this movie, and I wasn’t sure what it was about other than the two sentences Netflix provided.  I had every intention of having to shut this off two minutes in because it was going to be terrible.  I found myself watching the entire thing intently, except for the surgery scenes, which gross me out and am very much a squeamish lady over. I didn’t think it was great, but I kept watching purely on the fact that it was better than I expected, and sometimes that all you need.  I did think that a medical student doing advanced surgeries such as limp replacements was a little far fetched, but I can live with that stuff.  All in all, I think was entertaining, albeit sort of gross with the surgery stuff, but that isn’t an issue with some horror fans. I would compare this to Audition or a movie like that, though not nearly as good.  Alex Rates This Movie 6/10.

Tim’s Thoughts: This movie perfectly encapsulates the body modification community, all shock with no substance. It’s not a bad movie, it’s very watchable, but there’s not much payoff, and the ending is pretty disappointing. Sometimes the movies I am hardest on are the one’s with the most potential, and like those, lots of potential, but fails to live up to the little expectations I had. I will watch more movies involving these people, there is talent here, but until then they have some evolving to do. Tim Rates This Movie 5/10

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