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American Mary (2012)


The life of a medical school student is probably pretty rough: lots of assignments, clinicals and probably roughest of all: the tuition.  That’s the issue Mary is dealing with at the moment, she’s in danger of having all of her utilities shut off and close to becoming homeless. She must work extra hours at a diner in order to make ends meet, this affecting her school work.  It’s a Lose/Lose for this poor thing.  She eventually comes to that point that every student has to face: do I need to start stripping?   According to the plot: yes. Yes she does.  Her audition doesn’t go great, but the shady club owner learns of her skill with a scalpel, and offers her a quick $5k if she tortures some guy they have locked up downstairs.  Money is money, and she takes the job and realize that people are just meat and blood, and thinks she might have found a new career.  After her professor sexually assaults her, she is now sure she doesn’t want to be a doctor, and has a subject she can practice on without feeling bad.

She is introduced to one of the friend’s of the strippers at the club, a famous fashion designer, and who wants some surgery that no real doctor is willing to perform. So Mary steps up and gladly accepts her cash, and her request to remove all evidence of her client being a woman.  Things go well, and just like that, Mary is famous in the underground elective surgery community.  She is making money hand-over-fist doing tongue splittings, implants and elective amputations, and has built up quite the client base. Not everything is perfect, soon the police show up questioning her about her missing teacher, and not only that, but not everyone is excited about the surgeries being performed on their loved ones.  Can Mary keep the surgery train running, or will she meet the business end of the scalpel herself?

Alex’s Thoughts: I hadn’t heard much about this movie, and I wasn’t sure what it was about other than the two sentences Netflix provided.  I had every intention of having to shut this off two minutes in because it was going to be terrible.  I found myself watching the entire thing intently, except for the surgery scenes, which gross me out and am very much a squeamish lady over. I didn’t think it was great, but I kept watching purely on the fact that it was better than I expected, and sometimes that all you need.  I did think that a medical student doing advanced surgeries such as limp replacements was a little far fetched, but I can live with that stuff.  All in all, I think was entertaining, albeit sort of gross with the surgery stuff, but that isn’t an issue with some horror fans. I would compare this to Audition or a movie like that, though not nearly as good.  Alex Rates This Movie 6/10.

Tim’s Thoughts: This movie perfectly encapsulates the body modification community, all shock with no substance. It’s not a bad movie, it’s very watchable, but there’s not much payoff, and the ending is pretty disappointing. Sometimes the movies I am hardest on are the one’s with the most potential, and like those, lots of potential, but fails to live up to the little expectations I had. I will watch more movies involving these people, there is talent here, but until then they have some evolving to do. Tim Rates This Movie 5/10

mary 2nd

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Eden Lake (2008)

Young couple Steve & Jenny are madly in love. Steve is fixing to ask his gal to marry him, but it has to be the perfect place. He takes her to Eden Lake, which is a secluded place out in the country where he used to go camping as a kid. Well, it was secluded; a few housing developments have popped up around the lake, but it’s still pretty private.  After a few days of relaxing on the beach, Steve is ready to pop the question, but some rowdy teens show up and ruin the moment.  He goes over and politely asks them to keep it down, and they tell him where he can stick it. After a brief argument they leave, but don’t worry, they’ll be back.

After a swim the couple returns to find a lot of the stuff at their campsite missing, including their car keys. After a brief hike, they find the kids partying around his ride and a fight breaks out between Steve and the half a dozen boys… with knives.  In the scuffle, Steve accidentally kills the head boy’s dog and a chase ensues. Steve is captured and tied to a tree as the boys take turns cutting on him, while Jenny is forced to watch from a hiding spot.  She is able to free him, but he is in bad shape and is just slowing them down, and eventually they are caught again.  Steve is set ablaze by the group and now Jenny is running for her life in these remote woods.  She stumbles on a house, but those inside might be worse that the murderous teens out in the trees.

Alex’s Thoughts: I do love me some Michael Fassbender, although he doesn’t really get to do much in this movie, as he is near death half-way through.  It’s a very feasible story, as some kids are just shits; plain and simple – it’s like many other movie and similar to Wrong Turn or The Hills Have Eyes, but instead of deformed crazies terrorizing your family, it’s little kids.  The audience is teased with the notion that these kids might just be playing a prank on the couple to begin with, but their leader ends up being a psychopath, and it turns dark quickly.  I thought it was a pretty decent flick all around. It will definitely keep your attention and it has a nice twist at the end.  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: As I watched this I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, when does the killer show up, what is the killer going to do, or when is Fassbender going to snap and kill these kids. Instead we get him getting pretty messed up, and being ineffectual the entire movie. To make things worse, Jenny is just as useless, not to say that this isn’t a good movie, there are some very good suspenseful scenes, but I felt ripped off that there is very little justice done. I am all for a dark ending, but I prefer it to be a bit more satisfying. Not bad, but no reason to rush out to see it, but don’t avoid it either. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

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Black Death (2011)

In the mid 14th century the bubonic plague is sweeping across Europe.  Most people believe the pestilence is a punishment from God.  A young monk named Osmond isn’t so sure about that or his current job at the moment.  He has a girlfriend on the side, which is most likely frowned upon by the order, and he sends her away to escape the plague and to lessen his temptation.  He prays to God for a sign, and finds it in a man, sent by the church, who needs a guide to a remote village. The guy is Ulric (Sean Bean), and has been ordered by the bishop to see why this village has not been touched by the plague.  Surely it is because of witchcraft, and Ulric is going to get to the bottom of it.

Ulric and Osmond are part of a large group, and after a few days reach the village.  The lady in charge of the place seems nice enough, but the group believes they know what is really going one here.  The head lady takes Osmond into a back room where she shows him his girlfriend who has been killed outside of town.  Later that night she drugs the rest of the group and leads Osmond into the woods, where she does some necromancy and brings his woman back to life.  So they really are a bunch of witches!  The rest of the group is locked up and will be executed unless they renounce God and join this village of the damned. They aren’t too keen on the idea and most of them come to a horrible fate. Especially Ulric who is ripped apart by horses, but not before exposing the fact that he has the plague, and their village is now screwed.  Osmond and the witch are the only ones left standing, and he will not stop until she is dead.

Alex’s Thoughts: I came upon this while browsing Netflix. I have been wanting to see Nic Cage’s Season of the Witch, as I thought the plot seemed like I would enjoy it, but stumbled on this one that looks to have the exact same plot, and I would rather watch Sean Bean in a role like this than Nic Cage any day.  The story is good enough, and it a period piece.  Sean Bean pretty much plays his Game of Thrones character in this one, and there is nothing wrong with that.  The ending where the monk takes over Sean Bean’s job as witch hunter for the church is interesting but you only get to see about 2 minutes of that.  If you like period movies, you might want to try this out. Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. The tone is consistent, and while there aren’t many surprises, the pacing is solid, and the characters are all pretty stock, but still very watchable. Not Kubrick, but definitely not bad. I don’t have a lot to say, mostly because the “twist” has been done a hundred times, but to the film’s credit, I was not clock watching like I normally do. I think if you like medieval period flicks then this will scratch that itch. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“This village is without the pestilence… but it is also without God. For this, they will suffer.”

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Inside (2007)

Four months ago, Sarah and her husband were in a car accident; her husband did not survive.  Now Sarah, nine-months pregnant, is alone on Christmas eve, and hears a knock at her front door.  On the other side is a woman asking to use the phone, but when Sarah denies the request, the woman becomes irate and yells at Sarah BY NAME.  After Sarah threatens to call the police the lady leaves, only to come to the back door and smash the glass and try to force herself in.  The police show up and tell her that all is well, and that the crazy lady probably won’t be back.  After a rough night, Sarah goes to sleep.

The next shot is of a dozing Sarah, and as the camera pans out we see that the crazy woman is in the room with her, brandishing a pair of sharp-looking scissors.  She then does the unthinkable and cuts into Sarah’s belly to get at the baby, and when Sarah awakes and puts up a fight, she is slashed across the face before locking herself in the bathroom. If that wasn’t the worst 2 minutes ever, now her water just broke! For some reason Sarah has a string of visitors come to the door, all of which are ‘taken care of’ by the woman in brutal fashion.  So are the police when they return and discover that the woman is inside the house. With lots of twists and turns ahead, will Sarah or her baby survive? Or will the strange woman finally get the baby that is owed to her?

Alex’s Thoughts: I am still reeling for just having watched this and am trying to put into words the awful things I just saw. This is a seriously brutal and gory film. It isn’t that it was a bad movie, I just don’t really know what to think about it.  The filmmakers didn’t pull any punches and it shows, big time.  I haven’t watched much French horror, but the movies I have seen (Haute Tension & Martyrs) are similar in that they have a gruesome story to tell and they do not have a problem using extreme violence and disturbing images to get that story across.  I feel bad saying that I thought this was a good movie, and I shouldn’t say ‘good’ as much as well made. That makes me feel better about myself, and hopefully convinces myself that I’m not a freak for appreciating this film for what it is. Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This is not a movie for pregnant ladies, ladies with babies, ladies, fathers to be, new fathers, or anyone with any bit of apprehension about terrible violence being done to a woman literally about to have a child. This movie freaks me out, the gore looks realistic, the antagonist is merciless, the action is swift and unrelenting, and did I mention that the violence is brutal? Inside is terrifying, it completely succeeds in making the viewer not only dread each moment, but you cannot look away, you want to, but you can’t. It’s amazing in its pacing and directing, and for my money, horror doesn’t get much better. Nobody wants these things to happen, and yes it’s disturbing to say that this is a good movie, but it’s good the same way The Exorcist is, it unsettles you for days after seeing it, and unlike  Human Centipede, this isn’t a goofy piece of garbage made to shock. This is a scare the crap out of you, and make sure your doors or locked kind of movie. Good stuff, but not for the faint of heart. Tim Rates This Movie 10/10





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Shallow Grave (1994)

Life is great for three roommates living in England: Alex (Ewan McGregor), David (Christopher Eccleston) & Juilet, and now they are looking to take on a new roomie; and this new guy is an older writer named Hugo.  After his first night in the apartment, they can’t get Hugo to answer his door, so they kick that sucker down only to find him all sorts of dead.  Alex proceeds to go through his stuff to find the cause of death, but mostly just to snoop around. Under the bed  he just happens to stumble upon a suitcase filled with cash.  The three friends have hit the mother load, and go on about their normal lives while they try to figure out what to do with the money and a dead body.  They decide to hack the guy up and bury him. Of course no one wants to do that, so they draw straws and poor David has to do the dirty work. From then on he isn’t quite the same. David has moved up to the attic where he can stay nice and close to the money.

You don’t just stumble on millions and not have someone else looking for that money too. A couple of goons show up and tie up Obi Wan Kenobi and Juliet, while Dr. Who hides in the attic with the cash.  The thugs venture up to the attic to get David, but he has a different idea, one that involves a hammer. So now  they are off to bury and chop up two more guys!  It isn’t long before the police show up and start asking questions. Now the group is full of distrust and they each plot to keep the money for themselves and leave the country.

Alex’s Thoughts:  This thing takes a while to get going, but once it does it moves at a pretty steady pace the rest of the way.  The rewarding part is seeing David’s decent into parinoia. The stand off at the end isn’t bad either, with you unsure of who, if anyone, is going to get the money or if they will all make it out of the apartment alive.  It is a decent thriller movie, and I think the plot twists near the end make it very watchable, although it is slow in parts.  Alex Rates This Movie 6/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I knew nothing about this going in, least of all that this is Danny Boyle’s first film. I am an unabashed Dr. Who fan, so seeing Chris Eccleston made me pretty happy. I still am not sure exactly how I feel about this, I like Ewan Mcgregor a lot but seeing him play a borderline sociopath was a bit unsettling. I don’t think the payoff at the end is totally satisfying mostly because the 3 protagonists deserve all the terrible things that befall them. The other problem I have is that they could have hidden the money and called the cops when they first discover the dead body, and they would have had none of the problems. Not a waste of time, and definitely interesting to see where Boyle started off. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“They went up there alive and came back down dead! Did you notice that?”

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I Want Candy

Hard Candy (2005)

Where is Dateline’s Chris Hansen when you need him?  For three weeks a 32-year-old man named Jeff has been chatting online with a 14-year-old named Haley (Ellen Page).  They finally decide to meet up at a coffee shop and the creepy old dude doesn’t seem all that creepy; he is a well-off professional photographer, and Haley appears to be smitten.  She convinces Jeff to take her home for who knows what, and the perv jumps at the chance.  Once there they have a few drinks and Jeff blacks out.  Was he just drunk under the table by a little girl, or was he drugged?  Spoiler Alert: he was drugged… and he wakes to find himself bound to a chair.  Our sweet Haley has a problem with older guys taking advantage of young girls, and it seems our pedophile friend tried to hook up with the wrong chick.

We discover that Jeff is still in love with his ex-girlfriend in a creepy way, and Haley uses that as leverage against him: all he has to do is kill himself, and she (along with the rest of the world) will never know what a sick fuck he really is. All the while he pleads his innocence, even when threatened with castration.  Will Jeff spill the truth about his actions or will he just spill some blood and his testicles?  To what lengths will Haley go to get this guy to admit to an act she is positive he has committed?  You will have to watch to find out, and you will probably never be able to look at Ellen Page the same way again.

Alex’s Thoughts: Ho-ly shit… this thing is disturbing.  It is a sensitive subject matter, but the movie would have the same effect on me no matter what the alleged crime.  The lengths that Haley is willing to go to expose this creep and to try and get him to fess up to a crime you, as the viewer, are never sure he even committed; is so very disturbing.  I always thought that Ellen Page was sort of an over-rated actress, I mean I like her stuff, but never thought she was great. Now I do.  Her over the top persona and her character’s meticulous planning and sheer will won me over within the first half hour of this thing.  I really liked the movie, and there was enough suspense and this vague sense of not knowing who the real sicko is.  If you like thrillers this is one for you.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: When this came out there was a huge controversy regarding what Ellen Page’s character does, frankly I think it’s overblown. The things she does in this movie are pretty disturbing, but no where near some of the other things we have reviewed on this blog. With the exception of some preachy bits, Hard Candy will keep your attention, and guessing. Not until the very end (I had my suspicions) do you really find out what is going on, and even then it’s a bit vague, but I think that is a positive. My main complaint on this movie is one that I have about a lot of movies, this is too long.  It really needed to be about 15-20 minutes shorter. I was getting  bored with the ongoing cat and mouse, and while the payoff is interesting, I don’t know that it’s rewarding. I still like this movie, and think anyone who can stomach the content (most of it is implied, which is almost worse,) will enjoy this immensely, but when you watch several movies a week, sometimes day, you start to get annoyed/bored when things lag a bit. Excellent acting all around and a pretty suspenseful watch, but once was more than enough. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

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Frailty (2001)

Late one night, a FBI Agent is called in to meet someone who claims to have information on a case he’s working on, his name is Fenton (Matthew McConaughey) and he has a story he’d like to share.  Fenton goes on to tell the agent a tale that will fill him with doubt, but also curiosity: Fenton grew up in a small Texas town with his dad (Bill Paxton) and his younger brother, Adam.  They lived a simple, yet happy life together.  All of that changes one night, when their dad burst into their room with something important to tell them.  An angel had just visited him, and told them they were to do God’s work here on Earth.  That work: destroying demons.  Soon God would direct the dad to the three weapons they would use, and also provide them a list of seven names of humans who were really demons.

Fenton thinks this is all a little far fetched, and that his dad is going crazy; all this will probably just blow over.  That is until his dad comes home with a huge pipe, a pair of gloves and a scary axe, but also a list of names.  He wastes no time, and before you know it there is a scared woman ties up in their shed.  Fenton’s dad removes his gloves to touch the woman to see her sins, Adam also says he can see them as well, but Fenton is terrified.  The axe makes short work of the lady, and they bury her in a rose garden next door.  This goes on several times before Fenton can’t take it anymore and tries to tell the cops.  It doesn’t go well for either of them, as the sheriff is murdered and Fenton is locked in a newly constructed dungeon for a few weeks.

Fenton apparently comes around, and agrees to help the family. They have a new demon to kill, and dad is going to let Fenton do it, but the axe winds up in dad’s gut.  Adam is shocked, but finishes off the guy tied up on the floor himself. Adam insists they must continue to do the Lord’s work… The FBI agent thinks this is all a bunch of hooey of course, but agrees to go see this rose garden where dozens of people are buried.  It’s there that the agent must come to terms with his past and pay for his sins.

Alex’s Thoughts: This was my first viewing of Frailty, and while I found it to be somewhat predictable, I still enjoyed it.  While the story itself was fine, what really made it for me was the acting from the kids who played Fenton and Adam, Fenton especially.  Bill Paxton was also pretty good, but a little too monotone throughout for me, but I know that’s just how he is.  This was his directorial debut, and I thought he did a pretty good job with the story, and capturing the feel of the late seventies during the flashbacks.  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a suspenseful film.  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I was a fan of this movie when it came out, and I think it has aged well. If you haven’t seen it, it has an interesting ending, and if you have, it’s fun to try and pick up anything you may have missed. I would have liked it a bit more if only they had left it a smidge more ambiguous, but by no means is it ruined. I really enjoy watching guys you think can’t act, really do well in a role, and McConaughey  does an excellent job. I strongly recommend this, and will watch it again before too long. Tim Rates This Movie 9/10

“He was my father. I loved him even if he had gone crazy.”

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The Divide (2011)

This flick starts off fast and heavy, with a nuclear bomb being dropped on New York City.  As the tenants of an apartment building rush to escape, many realize that outdoors might not be the best place to be during a massive explosion.  So a group of 10 or so people try to get to the basement; but the super has beaten them there and is trying to shut them out.  They manage to break in, much to the super Mickey’s dismay.  They sit in this dank cellar as they listen to buildings collapsing and the city crumbling above them.  The door has been sealed shut and taped over so no radiation gets in. They are safe for now from the outside world, but they are strangers trapped in a seemingly hopeless situation.  The tension is not helped by Mickey, who had stocked this shelter for himself, and now has additional mouths to feed. Many of those mouths do not agree that they should just sit and wait for help, and that they should go outside and look for it themselves.  To open that door means death for everyone inside, that is something they eventually agree on.

But after a few days, that is exactly what happens, the door is opened, but… from the outside.  Several guys dressed like Master Chief from Halo cut their way in and start pointing guns at everyone.  One of them snatches a little girl, and the others try to kill the survivors, but the basement dwellers get the upper hand and a few of the intruders are killed themselves.  One of the members of our group dons a suit and ventures out the door only to find a hazmat area and a bunch of kids in stasis.  He is discovered and chased back to the basement, only to have the door welded shut behind him.  The group is now stuck down there for good.  With little chance of survival and their food becoming in short supply tensions are rising, before long it is like Thunder Dome down there with people beginning to act like savages.  Mickey reveals there to be a hidden supply room with enough food to last much longer, but it might be too late.  Their little society is crumbling, mimicking that of the outside world, and it seems as though there is little hope for any normal life.  Can the one girl who has held it all together amongst these crazy radiation poisoned wackos do the one thing that everyone is just trying to do: survive? Perhaps, but people will have to die in the process.

Alex’s Thoughts: As we mentioned above, this movie begins with tension, and that tension remains throughout the entire thing.  The people go from fearing what has happened to the outside world, then to these strange kidnapping guys and finally to fearing each other.  The actors do a great job keeping things going even when it doesn’t seem like much is going on in the story, from the creepy shell-shocked vet super played by Michael Biehn, the single mom turned sex slave played by Rosanna Arquette and Milo Ventimiglia as a d-bag gone berserk.  This is the kind of movie that shows what type of person you really are when all hope is lost, and apparently some people become cross-dressing murdering rapists when the shit hits the fan.  This isn’t something you can watch over and over again, but one viewing should be required for thriller fans.  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts:I am a huge Stanley Kubrick fan, and his specialty is exposing the depravity of mankind. There is something I can’t help but be drawn to about these stories, and it’s kind of ironic as I am usually an eternal optimist. Unfortunately The Divide starts off really well, and you can see all of the potential as the tension builds and the desperation and boredom of these poor souls is palpable. The film takes a quick U-turn once the guys in hazmat suits show up, and then that plot thread is dropped and never mentioned again. While I don’t need to find out why the city was bombed, I feel like the characters would be asking these questions. Instead they are content to start raping and torturing each other. I would recommend the first 30 minutes of this, after that you can just turn it off, while the acting is great throughout, the plot becomes boring and the violence has no payoff. If I am going to watch mindless violence I want to at least have fun, even some of Kubrick’s strangest films (Eyes Wide Shut) have a point. Great acting but not worth the time or the effort, which is really sad to say. This had a lot of potential and it falls flat, which makes my rating even lower than it would might normally be. Tim Rates This Movie 3/10

“What you need to get is if that dust gets in here, we’re all fucked”

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The Perfect Party

The Perfect Host (2010)

John Daily, a regular guy and not the fat ass golfer, has just robbed a bank and is on the run from the police.  He has ditched his Hunter S. Thompson disguise that wasn’t fooling anyone and is running around trying to get to his get-a-way car, despite a severe cut on his foot.  He drives through LA without any clue as to what to do next, and decides that his best bet is to break into a house and lay low for a while.  After failing to get an old lady to let him in, he finds a house with a postcard in the mailbox and cooks up some story about the sender and his relationship with her in order to gain entry to the home of Warwick (David Hyde Pierce).  Warwick is very accommodating to the stranger who says that they share a common friend named Julia.  John bullshits he way through a few stories, and is eventually invited to be a guest at Warwick’s dinner party.  He agrees and is all excited about it until he hears that one of the guest works for the district attorney’s office.  Combine that with a radio report he hears about his robbery and he goes ape shit!

John is confused about what to do now, as he fears getting caught, so he has Warwick make some calls at knife-point and cancel the party.  John just needs some time to think… and maybe a nap… why is he getting so sleepy?  It’s like someone drugged him… it was Warwick, that fuck!  After some much deserved rest, John awakens to find Warwick talking to his dinner guests.  The only problem is that John is having trouble seeing them; mainly because they are not really there.  Warwick is a bit of a crazy and has these imaginary friends that come over to party with him.  He can see and interact with them, but poor John is left out of the loop.  Soon Warwick tells John the plans for the evening and shows him a scrapbook of other ‘guests’ that he’s had over for dinner. He had taken pictures of his victims every three hours, and in each picture the subject is bloodier and more beaten until the last picture… in which their throat has been cut.  Although Warwick insists this is going to be a fun party, John is starting to have his doubts.  Each time he passes out, the party is apparently wilder than when he dozed off.  He awakens shortly after midnight to find all of those in attendance doing a disco themed dance number to ‘Carwash’, complete with a conga line and pelvic thrusting.

As he awakes again his tries to reason with Warwick.  Trying to explain that the money he stole was for his girlfriend’s operation, which after a series of ongoing flashbacks is revealed to be the truth, but it’s too late.  John has made his bed, and now he has to die lie in it.    As 6am approaches and he awakes in a bathtub, the last thing he sees before he is going to be murdered is Warwick having sex with and invisible guy or gal, as if things weren’t already bad enough.  Just when you see the aftermath of the night’s events, things switch gears as the story takes on a completely different angle.  We don’t want to spoil it for you, but it comes completely out of left field and makes this thing that much more interesting!

Alex’s Thoughts:  I saw a trailer for this movie a while back, and thought it looked interesting.  That trailer lead you to believe that multiple people were involved in the confinement of the ‘guest’, but in reality it was Warick’s multiple personalities that were involved.  I found myself shocked when early on it was Warwick alone to subdued John, and no one else was there… ever.  I really enjoyed watching this, but at times the flashbacks seemed sort of repetitive and a little unnecessary.  David Hyde Pierce did a great job acting as a psychopath, but some of his miming while hallucinating could have been pulled off better; in addition to his butch persona, which doesn’t come off very well on-screen.  I enjoyed the false ending, and was surprised by how much more movie there was, and how much the plot turned just when you thought it was over.  It became a lot better movie, and quite more complex after that, which is a nice surprise.  If you like chillers, high tension movies or want to see Miles Crane ‘motorboat’ an invisible woman, this is the movie for you.  Alex Rates This Movie: 9/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I was prepared to hate this movie, mostly because when I saw the previews, I thought that they gave everything away. I couldn’t have been more wrong. David Hyde Pierce will now always be a terrifying psycho in my eyes. Everything down to even his walk as he struts around his apartment with a strange confidence that conveys how he’s feeling more than a script or dialogue could ever give you. There are a few parts that I was less than impressed with, and the double cross I saw coming a mile away, but the dinner party kept me guessing the entire way. Overall pretty fantastic, and I recommend strongly that not only do you see this, but avoid Red Wine at all costs. Tim Rates This Movie:9/10

“You’re my guest, and I’m glad you’re here… but you only have yourself to blame.”

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Suicide Kings (1997)

Charlie Barret (Christopher Walken) enjoys all the benefits of a retired mobster; that includes a group of twenty-something guys buying him drinks and offering to take him out to dinner.  Charlie agrees just for the heck of it, but it turns out that might not have been the best idea of the day.  The group of three go-getters end up taking Charlie out with some chloroform, but not before getting their ass kicked by an old man.  Charlie awakes to find himself bound to a chair is a posh house, but something is missing… his Goddamn finger!  The group of guys have something they need the mobster to do for them, but needed to get his attention.

A girl they all know, sister to one of the guys and girlfriend to another, has been kidnapped and is being held ransom for $2 million.  The kidnappers cut off her finger, so the guys did the same to Charlie; whatever happens to her will happen to him unless he doesn’t arrange to get them the cash.  Things go down hill from there as Charlie pits the group against each other by secretly telling a few of them that this is an inside job, and that one of them is associated with the kidnappers.  All the while Charlie’s associate (Dennis Leary) is trying to find his boss and at the same time keep his new eel skin boot clean.  Anything more will spoil the story for you, so you will just need to see for yourself.

Alex’s Thoughts: To be honest, I had never heard of this movie until Tim gave me his copy and told me to watch it; and even then, it sat next to my DVD player for about a month.  Mostly because Jay Mohr’s smug face is on the cover, and I hate that fucker (but also because Tim’s copy of Blackenstein was on top of it).  I broke down and watched it, and found that I really enjoyed it, except for Jay Mohr (fuck that guy).  Christopher Walken is the star of every scene he is in… by far, and despite his situation, he is still really funny, and even when he is being serious, it is still really funny.  Johnny Galecki and Dennis Leary provide some great laughs as well, and make this a good all-around movie – a must for Walken fans.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This ensemble cast is a joy to watch, and Walken absolutely steals this little indy film. I loved this movie when it first came out and made all my friends watch it, and I am going to do it all over again, I still love this movie and I think it needs a bit of attention. So everyone go out and watch this, and revel in its low budget greatness!! Tim Rates This Movie 10/10

“You guys didn’t think this through too good, did you?”

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