Men on Film is just a simple blog created by two guys who love movies.   All shapes and sizes we watch, and sometimes fast forward, but we don’t pass up much. We decided to collaborate on this blog back in October of 2010 to put our takes on these movies out into the world, to corrupt other people’s opinions, or to make them so angry that they will post a nasty rebuttal.  Seriously, we are just trying to help you find something good to watch, or keep you from watching that turd of a film even though the DVD cover art is super cool looking (we’ve both been fooled before).  We try and stay clear of big studio ‘blockbuster’ type movies and review a lesser known films or maybe a forgotten 80’s flick from our childhood. 

Whether our reviews are positive or negative, we hope that they are at least some-what humorous and pleasant to read and hope they lead you to see a fun movie that you might not have heard of or were on the fence about watching.  So let the grammatical and speeling errors commence, this is Men on Film!

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