We’re just a couple of dudes not qualified to do this, but arrogant enough to assume that other people will want to read this. Seriously though, please read us…

Tim -I was lucky enough to have a Father who loved movies, and one of the things we always did together was watch them, either at the theater or at home, I was hooked from the start. I remember wearing out a copy of Star Wars at a very early age, and convinced that Han Solo and Indiana Jones were two different people. I will never forget watching the original Night of the Living Dead, I may have been too young to really grasp it at the time, but man did I love it! Same with Ghostbusters. Like Alex, I taped stuff all the time off of TV, but then when I got a job, I spent all of my money raiding old video stores and yard sales for hard to find movies. I love finding the stuff no one has seen, and if it’s good passing it on to friends like a proud papa.  Alex and I watch these movies so you don’t have to, and hopefully we turn you on to some things you never would have given a chance, and keep you away from the things that should have stayed buried.

Alex – Raised in a home with all the premium movie channels and blank VHS tapes a 9 year-old boy could ask for, my movie reviewing career started pretty early.  I would constantly record over something my mother had spent hours programming the VCR to tape, because I thought Big Trouble in Little China was more important to have in our movie library that another one of her silly black and white movies with people kissing, because that’s just gross.  Having hundreds of movies at your disposal 24 hours a day was the best thing I could have asked for, I was my own personal video store.  I would suggest movies to my friends, let them borrow them, then tell them they were ‘stupid heads’ if they didn’t like the same things I did.  I was Netflix before there was a Netflix.

I went on to major in Film Studies at UC Santa Cruz… okay that’s a flat-out lie, but their mascot is a banana slug, how cool is that.   I just enjoy movies.  I don’t know what a key grip is, or what sub-plot ‘A’ is suppposed to represent in scene ’34’ of movie ‘h’, and I’m barely literate, but I like to be entertained… plain and simple.  We’re doing the leg work here at Men On Film, watching the movies, separating the turds from the gems, and putting those turds in the upper toilet tank for some other schmuck to deal with.