Evil Dead (2013)


This re-imagining of The Evil Dead 1 & 2, finds the typical group of twenty-somethings out at a remote rural cabin. They are not there for the stereotypical reasons of getting trashed and fornicating, but instead to help young Mia kick her smack addiction. She quits her habit cold-turkey and it isn’t long before she is freaking out; and as before, further complications arise when one of the friends recites some passages from a book made of skin and wrapped in barbed wire with clear instructions to not open it.  Such foolish behavior results in evil forces attacking Mia while she is out walking in the woods.  Let the possessions begin!!!

Mia starts attacking her friends, and they are sure it is from the detox; but typically people going through withdrawal don’t shoot their friends and try to burn themselves alive.  After puking blood on another friend, she is relegated to the cellar where she taunts the others with promises of consuming their souls. One by one, the group falls under the control of the evil, and try to kill those still human, all as the illustrated book of the dead has foretold.  When the evil gets control of a set number of souls it will take form and destroy the world.  Can Mia’s friends fill the shoes left by Bruce Campbell and send this evil back to hell?

Alex’s Thoughts: I was worried about this re-boot from the minute I heard about it, as The Evil Dead is one of my favorite movie franchises.  I found that my concerns were indeed warranted, as this movie was very disappointing and downright awful.  The book clearly shows what is to be expected with those possessed and exactly how to stop them, but these dinguses choose to ignore it, and assume their friends can still be saved.  With the story quickly veering out of control and the plot clearly contradicting the rules it established earlier in the movie, it just gets worse as it goes on.  The ease with which this ultimate evil being is dispatched is laughable, as is just about everything else meant to be taken seriously.  While it does have some good practical effects, it isn’t enough to stop me from being disappointed to the fullest.  Alex Rates This Movie 3/10.

Tim’s Thoughts: I knew I was in trouble right from the start. The opening scene is pointless, and from then on the movie proceeds to treat us all as idiots. The original Evil Dead movies were funny, creepy, gross, and a lot of fun. We get not of that here, okay, it’s gross, and most of the effects are really good. The problem is that while the movie tries to separate itself from the original films, while paying homage, instead it comes off as redoing the better parts of the first two, without any of the charm or humor.  The new Evil Dead also treats us like idiots, over explaining even the most obvious references to earlier events that will no doubt show up later. And last but not least, A Cabin In The Woods ruins this movie. It points out all the flaws in typical trope filled horror films and hilariously rakes them across the coals, and Evil Dead falls right into that category of unoriginal, and uninspired garbage. I have no problem with this movie being made, after all, Raimi himself gave it his blessing, but I do have a problem with a lump of crap being pitched as the scariest movie I have ever seen.  Save your money, and if you really want to see this, rent it. Don’t give them any more of your hard earned money.Tim Rates This Movie 1/10


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