FDR: American Badass (2012)

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While out in the woods on a hunting trip, New York governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt is attacked by a werewolf, and suffers a bite to the leg before dispatching the beast.  As any good doctor will tell you: werewolf bites give you polio.  FDR is now confined to a wheelchair with his ‘shriveled little polio legs’ (don’t worry ladies, his dong still works fine), but that isn’t going to stop him from saving the US from future werewolf attacks.  With the support of the American people behind him, he is elected president, and learns that the werewolf that attacked him was a Nazi. In fact, all members of the Axis Powers are werewolves including Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito

He has no choice but to get involved in WWII, but he isn’t content to send soldiers into battle against these monsters alone; he will be joining them!  Equipped with a machine gun laden and rocket-firing wheelchair, and joined by his trusty sidekicks General Douglas McArthur (a.k.a. Dougie Mac) and the ghost of Abe Lincoln, he takes the fight to NormandyBeach. Much hilarity ensues with foul language aplenty, gratuitous nudity, horribly racist jokes and the lots of things you wouldn’t expect to hear from a bunch of old men.

Alex’s Thoughts: Here is the thing; this movie as just as insane as the plot suggests, but sometime that’s a good thing. This is the type of flick where you go in not expecting a lot, so if it is halfway decent, you come out feeling alright for having spent your time watching, and if it’s awful you shut it off… no big deal.  I knew about 5 minutes in that I was invested for the entire movie.  There is something about old men cussing and quoting 90’s rap songs that just makes me smile.  I am actually looking forward to seeing this again, if you can believe it.  It’s stupid for stupid’s sake and knows exactly what it is, and it is perfectly done in that regard  Bostwick is awesomely funny with both dry and over-the-top humor, and the three-way call between the werewolf Axis leaders made me laugh the entire time it was on screen.  Probably not a movie for everyone, but if go in with an open mind and just want a laugh, you should have a good time.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This movie is completely asinine and terrible. The effects are awful, the plot is ridiculous, and worst of all it is the least historically accurate movie ever made, that being said, I laughed my ass off. Not all the jokes land, but between the shock value and the comedic performances from the leads, this movie is a lot of fun. I can’t recommend this to everyone, mostly because it’s pretty offensive consistently, but to those inclined toward this type of humor; have at it. The same director also made Poolboy 2, and it’s just as silly. I will be keeping an eye out for his next project, because while these movies are terrible, they are my kind of terrible. Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

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