Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

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A film student posts his online review of the horror movie Grave Encounters, denouncing it as an awful piece of trash and something that should be avoided.  A few days later he gets an anonymous email from someone living near the asylum telling him that the movie was real and those people who died on-screen in that flick really are dead; killed my the ghosts inside the old hospital.  The kid calls bullshit, but decides to do a little research; and sure enough, those people are missing. After traveling to LA and meeting with the producer, he tells the kid to leave it alone and not get involved as he thinks it’s real too.

The student gets another email from this stranger telling the kid to meet him at the hospital and the truth will be revealed.  Sounds sort of ominous, huh? The guys brings a group of his film school friends and they recreate the first movie while they wait for the mystery guest to appear.  When they get to the agreed upon meeting spot, there is only a Ouija board. It goes off on its own and tells them to ‘film everything’. Just like in the first one, the ghosts materialize and chase them all around, killing a few in the process.  Unlike the first one, the survivors find the front door and escape back to their hotel room, but this haunted place isn’t going to let them go so easily. They find themselves trapped again in this cursed place that would give M.C. Escher fits, but find help from an unlikely source.

Alex’s Thoughts: The first movie was pretty good, and they should have left well enough alone, as this thing is a complete turd in so many ways. The first half of the movie is full of pointless college jabbering and parties shot on shaky hand-held cameras that do nothing for the story, except for you wanting these kids to die a horrible death. Once they finally get in the asylum it is more of the same stuff from the first one, but with effects that are laughable at times. The twist (where their hotel turns into the hospital) didn’t make any sense at all.  I was extremely disappointed the entire time I was watching this, but most of all that fact that (SPOILER ALERT) the asylum was the one sending the emails; what the shit was that? If you liked the first one, leave it at that and keep your fond memories of this franchise there. Alex Rates This Movie 1/10

Tim’s Thoughts: There are a few bright spots in this otherwise uninspired movie which borrows endlessly from better films, including it’s predecessor. I enjoyed the shiftiness of the asylum, and some of the things they did with that, but when they run into a character with the worst wig I have ever seen in a movie, I am out. Especially when combined with a lame climax, that is completely ripped off from Chronicle, and don’t get me started on some of the laughable effects. The attempts to be self aware are lame, not to mention the lead’s desire to revolutionize horror films, while his magnum opus is also just a series of bad horror tropes. Lame. Tim Rates This Movie 1/10

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