The Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (1987)

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Ash and his girlfriend Linda find a remote cabin in which to spend the weekend/ get their freak on.  It looks to have been recently deserted and upon further inspection Ash finds a tape recorder and a freaky looking book.  After playing the tape, we learn that this Book of the Dead has the power to unleash demons if the passages are read aloud, cue tape player and… boom, Linda is snatched from the cabin by an unseen force but returns as a possessed monster trying to eat Ash’s face off.  He cuts her head clean off, but we are only like 10 minutes into this movie, so things are gonna get worse right? Right. Here is what happens to the poor chap:

  • Linda’s reanimated corpse attacks, and her severed head takes a bite out of his hand.
  • Ash’s hand (now possessed) attempts to kill him any way it can. Not wanting to be murdered by a part of his own body, Ash takes a chainsaw and lops that bitch off!
  • The severed hand runs amuck through the house still trying to kill him and flipping him off whenever it gets the chance.
  • The evil forces do their best to drive Ash crazy by animating everything inside the cabin and Ash slowly loses his shit.
  • The cabin’s owner’s daughter shows up with a friend and their guides: Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel and his hilljack girlfriend, who is shot by Ash trying to enter the cabin.
  • Cletus knocks him out and throws him in the cellar as the new arrivals listen to the rest of the tape explaining how the owner’s wife was possessed and buried in said cellar.
  • Ash barely escapes from the beast down there, and soon most of the rest of the group become possessed.
  • He and the owner’s daughter fight for their lives as Ash equips himself with a new chainsaw hand and a shotgun (groovy), as the daughter tries to open a portal to suck up the monsters.
  • Portal is now open, but the severed hand kills her as Ash gets sucked into a dimensional rift.
  • He is shat out in 14th century England which is full of monsters and he is believed to be the savior of the people there… to be continued in the sequel: Army of Darkness.

Alex’s Thoughts: Take the original Evil Dead and mix in a few choice episodes of The Three Stooges, and this movie is what you get.  It is just the right amount of horror and comedy, and might be one of the best movies out there, in my opinion. Sure the horror special effects are a little cheesy, but I think that is sort of the point.  Where The Evil Dead was a low-budget horror, Evil Dead II takes everything good about that movie, adds a deeper story, better cast and makes the lead not such a wimp this time around. I love this thing and will never get tired of watching it. Alex Rates This Movie 10/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This doesn’t have the scares, or the shock of Evil Dead 1, but it sure as hell is a lot of fun. This is one of the few movies that pulls off the perfect mix of horror and comedy. Nobody does it like the King, and Campbell will always be the King. Anyone who watches this needs to realize a few things, first of all, don’t take it seriously, and second, this is some choice movie making. Rami is innovative, and I can’t wait to see more horror/comedy from him, so when he get’s back from Oz I hope he dives back into his bread and butter. Hail to the King baby. Tim Rates This Movie 10/10

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