The Host (2006)

The Host poster

As we open on an Army hospital, a doctor (The Walking Dead’s Hershel of all people) is telling an orderly to pour a bunch of toxic chemicals down the drain, despite the fact that it will pollute the river.  The doctor asks “what’s the worse that could happen”?

Gang-Doo works with his father at a food stand in a park on the banks of the Han River. Gang-Doo isn’t quite right in the head, but wants to do right by his daughter.  One day out of the blue, a huge fish monster pops out of the river and starts eating people and trashing the place.  Gang-Doo is unable to protect his daughter and she is snatched away. The government is sure this beast carries some sort of virus so the town is locked down, and all those who have come in contact with the monster are quarantined; this includes Gang-Doo, his father, sister and brother.  While in the hospital Gang-Doo gets a call from his daughter saying that she is in a sewer somewhere, and the monster is saving her to eat later.  The family escapes from the hospital, and are on the run from the army as they desperately seek out Gang-Doo’s daughter to try and find her and not be devoured by a fish monster.

Alex’s Thoughts: The last few Korean movie I’ve watched have been some of the best I’ve ever seen. Shame on me for thinking they’re all good. Not that this is awful, but it’s only a little better than the SyFy mutant monster movie of the week.  I found that I didn’t really care if any of the characters lived or not, and was actually routing for the monster most of the time.  The CG was fine at times, but was downright awful at others.  The acting also switched between decent and corny at parts.  If you like Godzilla-type flicks you might like this, might hate it. Alex Rates This Movie 4/10

Tim’s Thoughts: