The Evil Dead (1981)

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Listen, we all know by now that if a group of people go into the woods to stay at a secluded cabin, things aren’t going to end well for them, right? Such is the case with Ashley and his group of friends as they believe they will fair better.  Things are going fine until they find a creepy book made out of skin in the cellar, along with a tape player.  They bring the thing up for a listen and learn that the book can summon demons if the pages are read aloud. The dumb kids keep listening, and sure enough the voice on the tape starts chanting, and now bad stuff is awakening in the woods.

Ashley’s sister goes outside to check on a noise as most dumb girls do in these types of movies, and soon the trees grab hold, and let’s just use the phrase ‘sexually assaults’ her. It would sound silly of we said that she was RAPED BY A TREE! But that is what happens before she goes running back to the cabin.  She has become possessed by the demons unleashed by the book and now, one by one, they each fall, with only Ashley remaining.  As morning comes the worst seems to be over, but sadly that isn’t the case.

Alex’s Thoughts: It is going to sound like I am bashing this, but I do like this movie a lot, but… Evil Dead 2 is SO much better.  Sam Raimi was clearly on to something with his unique shots and brand of story telling, but he wasn’t quite there yet with this one as far as being a great director.  It’s fine,though it could have been better, but luckily for us it does with the sequel which is almost the exact same story as this, except with a bigger budget and some more experience under the director’s belt.  If I had never seen part 2, I would tell people that this is a great horror flick, but it just doesn’t compare to the sequel.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10.

Tim’s Thoughts:There are films that come along and raise the bar, and The Evil Dead is definitely one of those. Made with a shoestring budget, it pushed all boundaries and decimated what was considered normal for horror. While Craven was trying to scare you, and movies like I Spit On Your Grave were made to shock,  The Evil Dead does both, gleefully. Evil Dead 2 doesn’t compare for me, the silliness makes it a completely different kind of movie. Don’t get me wrong I really like it, but there are parts of this movie that still freak me out. It’s a combination of crazy camera angles, and the intensity of the  actors playing  possessed demons to the hilt. One of the best, most important horror films made in my lifetime. This is and always will be a must see, and a recommend. Tim Rates This Movie 10/10

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