Abel Raises Cain (2005)

abel raises cain poster

In this ‘documentary’,the daughter of a serial prankster (Alan Abel) tells the world of he father’s exploits using interviews from the man himself alongside old grainy footage. We are treated to stories about all of his ‘great genius’ exploits with quips from actors portraying characters in these bits and members of the media that he duped. Some of his grand hoaxes where campaigns to get animals to wear pants because their nudity was offensive, trying to get mothers to stop breast-feeding because it was incestuous, starting an imaginary school for people to learn how to pan handle and having American’s waste their vote on an imaginary presidential candidate.  He prays on gullible people and those who don’t have access to facts to gather support for these hoaxes. These people believe in a cause and throw their support behind it and end up being played, as well as the media that picks up these stories.  Abel’s payoff is exposing the media and other citizens for not researching and doing their due diligence when it comes to reporting on a story. Which apparently he gets a kick out of for some reason.  Basicly he is the person who yells ‘FIRE’ in a crowded theatre, or calls in a bomb threat  just to get a rise out of people.  We also learn about his untimely death at the end of the film, which is also another hoax by this sad old man just begging for attention. 

Alex’s Thoughts: Damn you Tim for making me watch this piece of trash! This might be the worst documentary I have ever seen, and I think my time would have been better spent watching a documentary about the mating-habits of the sea cucumber.  I can’t recall seeing a person so self-obsessed and living in the past like Alan Able.  I guess I understand what he trying to get across: that the media will take an odd and interesting story and run with it. How good of you to point that out for the past 40 years.  These people’s job is to fill papers and air time with stories, and don’t always have time to fact check. Way to take advantage of people trying to make a decent living and probably getting a few fired along the way, jackass.  This guy is so obsessed with seeing his ‘hoaxes’ in the paper and other media, he just can’t get enough of himself.  Also the fact that you went on some shows with the produces paying you to appear as a hoaxer says that you are only in it to piss people off… that is your goal in life, and that sir, make you a piece of garbage.  Hurray for me, I faked my own death so I could read my own obituary. Go screw yourself.  Alex Rates This Movie 0/10

Tim’s Thoughts:Alan Abel is a wanna be prankster, that thrives  off attention. I was reluctant to even review this, just because we would be feeding into what I think is the problem. The major failing of this film is that it poses as a documentary, but in actuality it’s just another hoax perpetrated by Abel. Everything that isn’t old clips of Abel’s antics are obviously staged, and his daughter and his cronies are such sycophants, that this barely feels like a realistic view of Abel’s life. Instead of a documentary we are subjected to claims of how Abel is just a misunderstood genius and nobody can take a joke. The problem is, none of his jokes have punchlines, and try as he might, he’s no Andy Kaufman. This was a major disappointment, and I say please don’t waste your time. I would be very interested in an objective look at Abel’s life, but until then, all this movie proves is that the press and their lack of due diligence is nothing new. Tim Rates This Movie 1/10

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