House on the Edge of the Park (1980)

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This movie starts like most great American films: with a good old fashioned raping. A young Vinnie Barbarino look-a-like named Alex (no relation) is taking advantage of some young girl in the park.  A few weeks later, Alex and his knucklehead friend Ricky are set to depart the garage they work at for a night of ‘boogieing’, when a nice car with a couple of yuppies pull up and ask for some help.  The money they offer is too good, so the dancing will have to wait.  The pair invites the guys back to their fancy house for a party there, so the punks go with them.  Once there it is quite obvious that they were only invited so the other guests could make fun of them, but it turns out that was a bad idea.

Alex goes bananas and beats the crap out of one of the guys and ties him to a table, the others are held at bay with a straight razor and a broken bottle. Apparently to Alex, a party isn’t a party without some unconsensual love-making.  He takes one of the girls upstairs to force himself on her, but it turns out she is into it. Ricky tries to rape one of the other girls as well, but he can’t bring himself to do it.  Everyone gets slapped around some more and humiliated until a young lady comes to the door, and is quickly pulled inside and disrobed by Alex, who goes to work on her with the razor in graphic fashion. Ricky tries to stop him but receives a viscous slice across the gut. Just as Alex turns on the girl again a shot rings out; the party host has a secret he wants to share with Alex. He has been planning this party as his revenge on Alex for weeks, ever since his sister was attacked in the park. (Dum dum duummmmm!)

Alex’s Thoughts: This movie is disturbing from start to finish.  Sometimes this is due to the graphic violence on-screen, and sometimes it is because of the bad acting and often quirky dialog.  The gratuitous nudity seems to be the focal point at times, and it seems like the filmmakers would rather have some reason for a boob being exposed then to advance the story at points.  I wouldn’t say this was a good movie, but if its purpose was do make you feel uncomfortable throughout the whole thing, it succeeded in that.  It was pretty obvious that there was going to be a twist at the end, but it was less than rewarding; this guy deserved a more gruesome death.  I’m not sure who the target audience is for this movie, but it certainly isn’t anyone with any sort of morals or a weak stomach. Alex Rates This Movie 2/10

Tim’s Thoughts:Rape, rape, torture, nudity, rape, and torture. A wannabe Last House On the Left (with the same villain, in the same role). The twist ending comes way too late to make any sense, and the payoff is silly. Nothing interesting here, don’t waste your time. Tim Rates This Movie 1/10

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