Jeepers Creepers (2001)


As Trish and her brother Darry drive home for spring break, an old truck tries to force them off the road. Just as they are sure they will be killed, it pulls away and drives into the distance.  Later they see the same truck, but someone is pulling a body out of the back and tossing it down a pipe next to an old church.  They decide to go back and see what the hell is going on. Darry goes down the pipe and discovers hundreds of bodies stuck to the walls and celings, all of which seem to have been sewn up and preserved somehow.  They head to the cops, who don’t believe this of course, and arrive to find the church in flames. 

It’s then they the siblings see what killed all of these people, and what is currently hunting them; and thanks to a psychic they know more than they want to. It is a monster who every twenty-three years, for twenty-three days, steals the organs it needs from people to survive and replace its own old parts, and it wants something from one of them.  Eventually they are able to run it over with their car, but soon it tracks them to a police station where is snatches Darry and flies away to start a brand new horrific dead body display, and he’s going to be the first exhibit!

Alex’s Thoughts: I knew there was a reason I never watched this before, it just looked uninteresting.  Sometimes I might throw around the phrase “this is the worst movie I’ve ever seen”, but I’m pretty sure that Jeepers Creepers is it.  Right from the get go, you hope that the brother and sister die as soon as possible, so you can get new main characters who aren’t annoying as hell, but no such luck.  There is little to know rhyme or reason as to how the plot develops and the information from the psychic only helps to confuse you further.  The special effects were pretty bad, and they kept trying to add more and more depth to the creature as the film went on, changing it from just a creepy guy to a bat-winged monster with Predator-like jowls; they should have left well enough alone.  I could go one all day about how this movie failed, but I will just stop here and condemn Hollywood for making a sequel.  Alex Rates This Movie 0/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I had put off seeing this as long as I could, but like most turds they end up being reviewed by us, and it did not disappoint. Jeepers Creepers is garbage filled with unfinished, incomplete ideas. There are a few potentially interesting things about the monster, but they piss it all away very quickly with a lame reference to the old song, (that makes no sense,) and drawn out scenes that fail to pay off. Not scary, and barely worth our effort. I can only assume they use the song because Final Destination tried to do the same thing, with similar results. Tim Rates This Movie: 1/10


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