[.REC] 3: Genesis


We open, as with the two previous REC movies, with the perspective of looking through a camcorder. Instead of being at the Spanish apartment building from the first two films, we are now watching an upscale wedding. The first twenty minutes or so is your typical wedding stuff: vows, kiss, reception, cake, dancing and all that jazz.  Pretty normal things… until the groom’s uncle falls off the balcony into the gift table.  He soon pops right up and bites into another guest, then the outbreak begins anew; and we switch from the camera view, to a traditional movie style.

The bride and groom become separated, and join up with different groups of survivors to attempt to find each other throughout the course of the film.  One of the groups has a priest in it who discovers that reading from the bible keeps the infected at bay.  In the previous movies it was revealed that the outbreaks are caused by someone getting blood from a possessed person, so that makes sense.  They both go through hell, but are eventually reunited only to find that the reception grounds have been sealed off by the government, and no one is allowed out.  If they leave they will be shot, if they stay they will be eaten. What to do?

Alex’s Thoughts:  I really enjoyed the two previous movies, even with all the shaky camera work. They are legitimately scary, not like the American rip-off Quarantine series.  I did like the transition to a normal filming style once the camera man was dead, but the sense of personal fear was lost, and you weren’t experiencing this outbreak first hand anymore.  The bride was probably the best of the cast, especially when she was sick of monsters ruining her big day, and starts to wield a chainsaw against them.  There were some inconsistencies with the infected, in that they were ‘fast zombies’ before, and now they sort of lumber around and are only quick when the story calls for it.  It didn’t depend on or reference the first movies (other than a news clip in the background of one scene), so you didn’t have to see those to enjoy this. Fans of REC will still like this one, as will other zombie fans.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: .REC continues to make me happy. This is a solid third entry into a trilogy that should have no steam left, but instead we get not only an excellent zombie movie, but a funny one too. The zombie uncle may be my favorite of the entire movie, he has the best facial expression. I like that they have moved on to standard movie cameras, but didn’t lose their edge. They are willing to kill everyone at any time. It’s the kind of film making that I respect, and they do some nice things with reflections as well. As a series they continue to add small things as they continue to up the ante, I don’t know if they are making a part four, but if they do, I will be here, happy to review it. Tim Rates This Movie 9/10


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