Well, it’s another year in the books here on Men on Film.  It has been a good year for movies, as well as our humble blog.  We would like to thank all of our readers, and wish them the very best in 2013.  Here our some of the best (and worst) movies that we reviewed this past year.  Chime in and let us know if you agree or if you think we are full of crap as per usual.  We will be announcing a few changes for next year, but until that point, please enjoy.

Alex’s Favorite Movie Reviewed in 2012: By leaps and bounds it’s Cabin in the Woods, and that is going up against The Dark Knight Rises.  What you think is just going to be a typical ‘kids get murdered by psycho in a remote cabin’ movie is anything but!  Please see this.  Do it for Joss Whedon and baby Jesus.

Tim’s Favorite Movie Reviewed in 2012: Not to be redundant, but The Cabin in the Woods, it not only was my favorite that we reviewed, but it also may have been one of my favorites for the year, and that’s in a year with some really great movies.

Alex’s Favorite Comedy Reviewed in 2012: I would probably have to go with the Sean Williams Scott hockey flick Goon.  While not always laugh-out-loud funny, it is always smart funny, with just enough crude jokes to keep you smiling.

Tim’s Favorite Comedy Reviewed in 2012: There are some good ones to choose from, Bernie was excellent, and I enjoyed most of the Documentaries that we watched, but maybe the funniest movie for me was Gentlemen Broncos, not a popular choice, but I will stick with it.

Alex’s Favorite Horror Reviewed in 2012: I really can’t pick just one. We review more horror movies than all other genres combined, so there was a lot to chose from.  I think it is a tie between the French horror movie Inside, about a preggo lady fighting off an insane woman who wants her baby; and Hard Candy, which has Ellen Page going up against a suspected pedophile and getting the best of him.

Tim’s Favorite Horror Reviewed in 2012: Since I don’t want all of these answers to be The Cabin in the Woods, I am going to say Inside, I feel totally justified because I had been harping on Alex to watch it for a while, and he felt the same way. If you can’t handle that then Drag Me to Hell is an excellent time.

Alex’s Favorite ‘Other’ Reviewed in 2012:  Again I think I have another tie.  I really enjoyed the documentary The Rock-a-fire Explosion about the animatronic show from Show Biz Pizza simple for the nostalgia aspect of it.  I also really liked Tom Hardy in Bronson, and that was simply based on his acting in an otherwise so-so movie.

Tim’s Favorite ‘Other’ Reviewed in 2012Prometheus, again, not a popular choice, but I was excited to do it for the blog and got exactly what I wanted from it. Rock-a-fire is a close second. I loved that movie.

Alex’s Most Hated Movie Reviewed in 2012: No tie here: Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence was the worst (despite it being my most well-written review of the year).  Everything about it was bad, but most of all it was a bad idea.  Nothing scary about it, and it was gross just for the sake of being gross, made by a director who is way to proud of himself for making a shitty movie to begin with.

Tim’s Most Hated Movie Reviewed in 2012: Pick one of the zombie movies we reviewed this year, I think I hated all of them, but what may be the worst of all was Jennifer’s Body. It did nothing for my opinion of Diablo Cody, and Megan Fox stinks.

We would love to hear your thoughts about 2012’s movies!