The Men On Film Movie Minute


Earlier this year, Tim and I were approached by an acquaintance who was producing a new magazine-style show for our local public television station, and asked us if we would be interested in doing a movie preview segment for the show.  The first question we asked was: “how much does it pay”, and upon hearing the answer that this was “public television”, our second question was: can it be funny; luckily for us the answer was yes!  We had pretty much free rain to do what we wanted, as long as it was family-friendly and under 2-minutes.

Now, about 20 segments in, we are still churning out ‘coming soon’ movie previews for WNIT’s Experience Michiana, hosted by local personality Gordy Young.  We think these segments are funny, but we also think farts are funny, so who knows what the public thinks of them.  We, along with our good friend and producer/co-writer Matt Deitchley, have a good time doing it, and what should be a quick half hour taping session typically goes three times as long because of all of our joking around.  We invite you to follow the link below to Matt’s YouTube channel to see our segment library.  Some are better than others, but we’ve had a good time making all of them.  Tune in to WNIT if you live in the South Bend, IN area and catch us ‘live’ every other Friday @ 6:30pm.