Eden Lake (2008)

Young couple Steve & Jenny are madly in love. Steve is fixing to ask his gal to marry him, but it has to be the perfect place. He takes her to Eden Lake, which is a secluded place out in the country where he used to go camping as a kid. Well, it was secluded; a few housing developments have popped up around the lake, but it’s still pretty private.  After a few days of relaxing on the beach, Steve is ready to pop the question, but some rowdy teens show up and ruin the moment.  He goes over and politely asks them to keep it down, and they tell him where he can stick it. After a brief argument they leave, but don’t worry, they’ll be back.

After a swim the couple returns to find a lot of the stuff at their campsite missing, including their car keys. After a brief hike, they find the kids partying around his ride and a fight breaks out between Steve and the half a dozen boys… with knives.  In the scuffle, Steve accidentally kills the head boy’s dog and a chase ensues. Steve is captured and tied to a tree as the boys take turns cutting on him, while Jenny is forced to watch from a hiding spot.  She is able to free him, but he is in bad shape and is just slowing them down, and eventually they are caught again.  Steve is set ablaze by the group and now Jenny is running for her life in these remote woods.  She stumbles on a house, but those inside might be worse that the murderous teens out in the trees.

Alex’s Thoughts: I do love me some Michael Fassbender, although he doesn’t really get to do much in this movie, as he is near death half-way through.  It’s a very feasible story, as some kids are just shits; plain and simple – it’s like many other movie and similar to Wrong Turn or The Hills Have Eyes, but instead of deformed crazies terrorizing your family, it’s little kids.  The audience is teased with the notion that these kids might just be playing a prank on the couple to begin with, but their leader ends up being a psychopath, and it turns dark quickly.  I thought it was a pretty decent flick all around. It will definitely keep your attention and it has a nice twist at the end.  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: As I watched this I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, when does the killer show up, what is the killer going to do, or when is Fassbender going to snap and kill these kids. Instead we get him getting pretty messed up, and being ineffectual the entire movie. To make things worse, Jenny is just as useless, not to say that this isn’t a good movie, there are some very good suspenseful scenes, but I felt ripped off that there is very little justice done. I am all for a dark ending, but I prefer it to be a bit more satisfying. Not bad, but no reason to rush out to see it, but don’t avoid it either. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

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