Stay Tuned (1992)

Jack Tripper, (well his name is Knable here, but we will call him Jack,) is a couch potato. He loves TV so much that his wife Mindy ( Yes Mork and Mindy, well she’s not that character, but you get the idea,) is fed up, and she smashes his TV with a trophy. All is not lost, because soon Ed Rooney (not the character..oh nevermind) shows up, and boy does he have an amazing deal. The biggest satellite you have ever seen, a bad ass TV and about a million channels. The only problem is, the programming is all inclusive, and soon Jack and Mindy are sucked into the very cable shows they were watching. Did we mention that it just so happens to be Hell’s newest way to capture souls? It doesn’t take too long for them to learn that all they need to do is survive for 24 hours, thankfully a disenfranchised employee of Satan runs some interference so they can make it through shows like Northern Overexposure, Saturday Night Dead  and Driving over Miss Daisy. Jack escapes only to find that ol’ scratch is a tricky one, and Mindy’s 24 hours were different than Jack’s. So of course he zaps back into the TV and kicks some ass using moves he picked up at the Regal Beagle Dojo. Oh, and he learns the error of his couch potato ways.

Alex’s Thoughts: I’m sure 20 years ago, this movie was fun and relevant  Sadly, it’s present day. The jokes are old, and not very good, and caters to a very specific age group and a period in time.  Watching this now, no one would get most of the tv references and even if they did, they payout isn’t there. And honestly, I was never a fan of John Ritter, so that doesn’t help matters for me.  If you feel the need to watch a movie about someone getting sucked into a tv, maybe you should watch Shocker instead, at least that is sort of fun, this is not. Alex Rates This Movie 1/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s because I do love John Ritter, but I kinda like this movie. I acknowledge that this actually isn’t a good movie, but I think it’s kind of fun, and if you don’t mind some of the dated jokes you can have a good time. The part that drags for me is the cartoon segment in the middle of the movie, other than that, this plays like a cleaner version of Amazon Women on the Moon, and that’s okay with me. Also for you Dexter fans this has a skinny Doakes, with a bad hairdo. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

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