Apartment 143 (2011)

Guess what, kids? It’s another found footage horror movie! In this one, we have a group of professional paranormal investigators at the apartment of a recently widowed guy and his two kids.  Some crazy things were happening at his house right before his wife died, and progressively got worse, so they left everything behind and moved to a dumpy little apartment to try to escape whatever was going on.  It must not have worked, otherwise this crew wouldn’t be here, and we wouldn’t have a movie.

 The crew sets up all sorts of cameras and fancy ghost detecting equipment, and over the course of the next 12 hours get some really solid proof that this place is haunted: things move by themselves and they catch a glimpse of a ghost in a picture they took.  The next day they try to exercise the spirit with a fancy machine, but that doesn’t do much. So the next logical step is to get the ghost to manifest itself so they can try to reason with it.  They get their wish, but everyone is too freaked out at the sight of an adult-sized Regan from The Exorcist to do anything but scream and look for the nearest light switch.  The ghost isn’t content to just be seen, it wants to hurt them; the dad specifically.  It’s there to seek revenge for the death of the wife, but how exactly it came to be is the main focus of the rest of the movie. 

Alex’s Thoughts: This one starts to pick up after a very slow start, and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that someone stopped watching after twenty minutes, because there is nothing going on; just people setting up video equipment.  Once the haunting stuff starts, it begins to pick up, but even that wasn’t enough for me.  It is essentially a Paranormal Activity meets Ghost Hunters; you know that something is going to happen at the end of that long lingering 2-minute shot of the wall, and we’ve seen it all before.  It tries to be edgy by actually showing the spirit tormenting the family, but it isn’t anything all that scary. The cause for the haunting is somewhat of a plot twist, but not enough to warrant the time spent watching.  I have mixed feelings about it; I want to like it, but it is just too much like movies that I’ve already seen.  I would say if you like the Paranormal Activity sequels, you would like Apt. 143Alex Rates This Movie 6.5/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Yet another Paranormal Activity clone, starts off interesting enough, then becomes impatient and starts going for cheap scares. The original movie works so well because it doesn’t give in, they wear you down with suspense. Apt. 143 is more of the same, and quickly becomes predictable. Despite all of this, it did hold my attention, but by the end the payoff is negligible. Tim Rates This Movie 5/10

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