Maniac Cop (1988)

The citizens of New York City are terrified; a cop, or someone dressed as one, is killing people off left and right. Jack Forrest’s (Bruce Campbell) wife is convinced that he is the killer due to all of his sneaking around at night, but it turns out that he is just banging a co-worker and is not the actual murderer. So all is well until she is found dead in Jack’s hotel room, and he is arrested as the main suspect.  A grizzly old detective named McCrae (Tom Atkins) is convinced that they have the wrong man and Jack was set up.

His hunch is proved correct when he discovers one of the female cops is hiding something down by the wharf, but it couldn’t be, right? That person she is talking to was killed in prison years ago wasn’t he?  It seems that Matt Cordell, a cop sent to Sing Sing for police brutality, is alive after surviving a face shanking in the shower, pronounced dead and then released by a sympathetic doctor. Cordell is back on the street and wants revenge on the society that nearly got him killed.  Will a small group of good cops be enough to stop the hulking guy killing everything in his path?  Spoiler Alert: there are two more sequels, so I guess not.

Alex’s Thoughts: I would consider this to be just an average horror movie.  There aren’t a lot of scares, good gore effects or good acting in this thing, but somehow it’s still watchable.  Bruce Campbell is just alright in this, as he isn’t really playing himself as per usual, and this isn’t a movie you’d think about when his name comes up because of that simple reason.  The rest of the actors either just phoned it in, or are just terrible.  Things were never really explained enough for me, like how the Maniac Cop is shot about 20 times and suffers no effects, but the average person probably doesn’t car.  Robert Z’Dar as the cop is a good casting choice as he is ugly as sin, and probably attended the Lou Ferrigno School of Acting, where they just teach you to look scary, but for God’s sake don’t talk since you sound like some sort of mush-mouthed fuck.  Fans of 80’s cheesy horror will probably be the only ones who would appreciate this one.  Alex Rates This Movie 5/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This trope filled slasher has a lot going for it. The Chin himself goes up against an even bigger Chin, Robert Z’Dar, and that guy is scary. One year at a Horror Convention in Indianapolis this monster accosted my friend Jan and forced him to hang out at his booth. We still don’t know where he is, Jan has yet to be seen since that fateful day. Another great thing about Maniac Cop is that it co-stars another one of my favorite B-movie actors Tom Atkins, (see our Howling 2 or Night Of The Creeps reviews,) and as usual he shines. This isn’t a great movie, but a high body count and fast pacing make this very watchable, and if you are a fan of slasher flicks, this is a must. Not because it’s amazing or unique, but it is one of many movies that set the standard for the genre, and for that alone you could give it a look. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“Whole city’s goin’ to hell. You can’t take a pee anywhere anymore.”

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