Inside (2007)

Four months ago, Sarah and her husband were in a car accident; her husband did not survive.  Now Sarah, nine-months pregnant, is alone on Christmas eve, and hears a knock at her front door.  On the other side is a woman asking to use the phone, but when Sarah denies the request, the woman becomes irate and yells at Sarah BY NAME.  After Sarah threatens to call the police the lady leaves, only to come to the back door and smash the glass and try to force herself in.  The police show up and tell her that all is well, and that the crazy lady probably won’t be back.  After a rough night, Sarah goes to sleep.

The next shot is of a dozing Sarah, and as the camera pans out we see that the crazy woman is in the room with her, brandishing a pair of sharp-looking scissors.  She then does the unthinkable and cuts into Sarah’s belly to get at the baby, and when Sarah awakes and puts up a fight, she is slashed across the face before locking herself in the bathroom. If that wasn’t the worst 2 minutes ever, now her water just broke! For some reason Sarah has a string of visitors come to the door, all of which are ‘taken care of’ by the woman in brutal fashion.  So are the police when they return and discover that the woman is inside the house. With lots of twists and turns ahead, will Sarah or her baby survive? Or will the strange woman finally get the baby that is owed to her?

Alex’s Thoughts: I am still reeling for just having watched this and am trying to put into words the awful things I just saw. This is a seriously brutal and gory film. It isn’t that it was a bad movie, I just don’t really know what to think about it.  The filmmakers didn’t pull any punches and it shows, big time.  I haven’t watched much French horror, but the movies I have seen (Haute Tension & Martyrs) are similar in that they have a gruesome story to tell and they do not have a problem using extreme violence and disturbing images to get that story across.  I feel bad saying that I thought this was a good movie, and I shouldn’t say ‘good’ as much as well made. That makes me feel better about myself, and hopefully convinces myself that I’m not a freak for appreciating this film for what it is. Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This is not a movie for pregnant ladies, ladies with babies, ladies, fathers to be, new fathers, or anyone with any bit of apprehension about terrible violence being done to a woman literally about to have a child. This movie freaks me out, the gore looks realistic, the antagonist is merciless, the action is swift and unrelenting, and did I mention that the violence is brutal? Inside is terrifying, it completely succeeds in making the viewer not only dread each moment, but you cannot look away, you want to, but you can’t. It’s amazing in its pacing and directing, and for my money, horror doesn’t get much better. Nobody wants these things to happen, and yes it’s disturbing to say that this is a good movie, but it’s good the same way The Exorcist is, it unsettles you for days after seeing it, and unlike  Human Centipede, this isn’t a goofy piece of garbage made to shock. This is a scare the crap out of you, and make sure your doors or locked kind of movie. Good stuff, but not for the faint of heart. Tim Rates This Movie 10/10





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