Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Christine is trying to get a promotion at her job at the bank, and her boss is looking for her to be just a little more aggressive. She therefore decides not to extend the loan of an old lady who is about to lose her house.  The old lady begs and makes a scene and embarrasses herself and decides that it’s Christine’s fault for shaming her in front of everyone at the bank as she is forcefully removed.  But the crazy old lady isn’t done yet, she hides in the back of Christine’s car and they go at it when she gets out of work. Christine is getting the better of the old hag, but the will of a gypsy is a little too much to overcome.  Right when Christine is sure she will be murdered, the old hag steals a button off her shirt and says some mumbo jumbo and disappears.  After being freaked out, she goes to a physic, who is convinced Christine is now cursed.

Christine feels like the physic might have been right, since a shadow kicks her ass at home that night, and the next morning she is spraying blood out of her mouth like Old Faithful.  She had no choice but to go to the gypsy’s house and beg for forgiveness. It turns out that it is a little late for that, as the rest of the gypsies in Pasadena (and for some reason there are a ton of them) are holding a wake for the old bird.  She returns to the physic who tells her what sort of spirit she is up against and after sacrificing her cat, thinks all will we well. It’s not!  She only has a day left before the spirit comes for her soul, so after a failed exercism attempt that results in the death of a medium and a talking goat; she only has one option left.  She has to give the object that the gypsy cursed, in this case a button, to someone else.  That person will then be killed and their soul tormented in hell forever.  Will Christine give some waitress the worst tip ever, or put it in some bum’s change cup? We don’t want to spoil it for you.   

Alex’s Thoughts: What more could you ask for from a modern-day horror flick?  This has just about everything you could want: jump scares, decent practical effects (the CG ones are sort of weak) and a great story.  It is very much a Sam Raimi flick, and gets more so closer to the end with some scenes very reminiscent of the Evil Dead series. So if that isn’t your scene, you might not enjoy this as much as some others.  I liked those parts fine, but I thought that those parts would have been better off as scary rather than throwing in a laugh here and there. It just sort of messed up the tempo for me.  Still a great watch every time, though and a must watch for horror fans.  Also Justin Long is just an awful actor… that needs to be pointed out. Alex Rates This Movie 9/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Oh man oh man, this is right in my wheelhouse. Sam Raimi back doing what made him great, I loved this when I saw it in the theater, and I love it now. Gross out horror fun at it’s best, I had so much fun every minute of this movie, all the way down to the end. The effects work, the sound is horrifying, and the way that the movie pulls no punches, makes this one of the better horror movies to come out lately. It’s no Cabin In The Woods, but it’s damn good. Tim Rates This Movie: 10/10

“I don’t want your cat, you dirty pork queen!”

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