The Horde (2009)

After a drug-dealer kills a cop, his other cop friends decide to circumvent the law and take him out themselves.  After a botched assignation attempt that leaves two of them near death, and the mob boss and his goons are seemingly in control of the situation. That is until a recently murdered corpse in their apartment closet comes back to life and starts biting everyone.  After escaping to the roof and seeing explosions all over town, as well as a herd of the undead just outside the apartment building, they realize that there is trouble. You know the drill by now: the survivors must put away their differences and make it out of there alive.  They must battle infected tenants, fallen comrades and the large group of zombies at the front door and try to work together to find an exit.

With everyone on edge by the ravenous killing machines after them, as well as their opposite group who were hell-bent on murdering them 30 minutes ago, tensions are high. Can the cops and crooks work together to survive?

On a side note: every time the Mob boss kills a zombie, he screams about being Nigerian.  Not sure if zombie-killing is a national pastime in Nigeria and he is just excited, or what his deal is.  We are also pretty sure that the director’s cut of this movie had him writing the following note to the outside world:

Greetings, I am a Nigerian drug kingpin in need of assistance. I have $80 million dollars in the bank downtown, but am unable to get to it at the moment, due to the recent zombie outbreak. If you could send me $10,000 of your own money for guns and ammo, I would gladly split my fortune with you once I am able to escape this building…

Alex’s Thoughts: This had been on my radar for a while, as I heard that it was a pretty good zombie flick.  I just needed to find one of those days where I was in the mood for a zombie movie (I’ve been burnt out on those lately) AND a movie with subtitles.  Once I watched it, I was glad I did.  The first 15 minutes are just an absolute bore, but once the cops get inside the building, the rest is excellent.  It had some interesting things to add to the genre, and despite some continuity issues and some bad CG, I did enjoy it. I would say it is probably a must for fans of ‘fast zombie’ movies like [REC] & 28 Days Later.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10 

Tim’s Thoughts: Maybe this just caught me on a bad day, there are a few characters that I like, and the ending was okay, but everything else about this standard zombie movie fare. Mix in some annoying CG and goofy frame acceleration to make the violence seem more intense and now you have a standard zombie plot AND shitty film making. This isn’t really that bad, but I am sick of the same old zombie movie. I kept thinking of (.REC) while watching this, and how that was so much better. Not the worst thing I have seen by far, but nothing to set it aside from the rest of the other mediocre films of the same genre. Tim Rates This  Movie 5/10

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