Some people really like horror movies, while many other’s don’t enjoy being scared to death.  We’ve made a list of some movies that might appeal to the casual horror fan or those often put off by the scare factor.  You would probably find these flicks in the horror movie section, but they are far from scary, and are mostly just a fun watch. While the gore factor is there in most of these, the humor offsets any notion of being frightened.

10: Frankenhooker (1990) – When a guy’s girlfriend is accidentally killed in a freak mower accident, he decides to make a new girlfriend: out of dead hooker parts.  If that doesn’t make you want to see it, then how about that fact that he also goes all ‘Heisenburg’ and makes a form of super-crack that causes people to explode?

9: Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010) – The tables are turned when two kindly rednecks are terrorized by a group of college students in the woods who mistake them for psycho rednecks. Also Alan Tudyck, so… there.

8: The Return of the Living Dead (1985) – Two bumbling warehouse workers release a toxic gas that brings the dead back to life, in this humorous zombie flick.  Before this, people didn’t know how much zombies enjoyed brains, or what a zombie trapped in a barrel of tar would look like once released.

7: Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf  (1985) – A guy tracks down the werewolves that killed his sister to Europe, where he aims to get revenge on the group with the help of Christopher Lee. Please don’t think that just be cause this is on our list that it is a ‘good’ movie. It’s not. In fact, it is one of the worst movies we have ever seen, but it falls into that ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ group of flicks like Troll 2; but swap out ‘good’ with ‘fun’ in this case.

6: Fright Night (1985) – What do you do when a vampire moves next door? Nothing, because there is no such thing, right? Wrong. A teen must fight against the forces of darkness to save those he loves from a literal neighbor from hell.

5: Re-Animator (1985) – Bringing back cats from the dead is one thing, but how about human heads? This movie doesn’t get enough love, and it’s just such a great flick.

4: The Cabin in the Woods (2011) – Most of you haven’t seen this, please rectify that as soon as possible.  A group of college students take a vacation to an old cabin, that is both everything that you would expect AND nothing you could have imagined.  Good thing Joss Whedon imagined it for you.

3: Monster Squad (1987) – When the classic monsters (Dracula, the mummy, wolfman, creature from the black lagoon and Frankenstein) are unleashed on a small town to find an ancient amulet, it is up to a rag-tag group of kids in a monster club to save the world.

2: Dead Alive (aka Braindamage) (1992) – Before Peter Jacking was making movies about Hobbits, he directed a flick about an undead plague sweeping across the lands.  See how much carnage a guy with a lawnmower can do against an army of zombies; with a special appearance by a kung-fu priest.

1: Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987) – The old haunted cabin in the middle of nowhere tale… but the best by far.  After unleashing an army of the dead, our boy Ash fights for his very soul against demons and his own hand. Come get some.

We would like to know what your favorite ‘not-so-scary movies’ are. Drop us a comment and sound off.