Wow. Our little blog here is already two years old; and like any two year old, sometimes it craps all over itself.  But sometimes it does something that surprises you, and hopefully you’ve seen some of our shining moments, although those are probably few and far between.   It has been a bit overwhelming at times, with us initially trying to do 4 to 5 reviews a week. It seems like we have smoothed everything out with two per week, and we are trying to put more effort into those. So quality, and not quantity is our new goal.  Whether or not that is actually factual or not is totally your opinion.  We want to thank all of our readers, both new and old, and look forward to another great year.

As always, we are looking for your review suggestions and for guest reviews here and there. Again, thanks again for reading. It gives us an outlet to vent or geek-out about films and the opptunity to see movies that we wouln’t normally get to see. – Alex & Tim