Shallow Grave (1994)

Life is great for three roommates living in England: Alex (Ewan McGregor), David (Christopher Eccleston) & Juilet, and now they are looking to take on a new roomie; and this new guy is an older writer named Hugo.  After his first night in the apartment, they can’t get Hugo to answer his door, so they kick that sucker down only to find him all sorts of dead.  Alex proceeds to go through his stuff to find the cause of death, but mostly just to snoop around. Under the bed  he just happens to stumble upon a suitcase filled with cash.  The three friends have hit the mother load, and go on about their normal lives while they try to figure out what to do with the money and a dead body.  They decide to hack the guy up and bury him. Of course no one wants to do that, so they draw straws and poor David has to do the dirty work. From then on he isn’t quite the same. David has moved up to the attic where he can stay nice and close to the money.

You don’t just stumble on millions and not have someone else looking for that money too. A couple of goons show up and tie up Obi Wan Kenobi and Juliet, while Dr. Who hides in the attic with the cash.  The thugs venture up to the attic to get David, but he has a different idea, one that involves a hammer. So now  they are off to bury and chop up two more guys!  It isn’t long before the police show up and start asking questions. Now the group is full of distrust and they each plot to keep the money for themselves and leave the country.

Alex’s Thoughts:  This thing takes a while to get going, but once it does it moves at a pretty steady pace the rest of the way.  The rewarding part is seeing David’s decent into parinoia. The stand off at the end isn’t bad either, with you unsure of who, if anyone, is going to get the money or if they will all make it out of the apartment alive.  It is a decent thriller movie, and I think the plot twists near the end make it very watchable, although it is slow in parts.  Alex Rates This Movie 6/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I knew nothing about this going in, least of all that this is Danny Boyle’s first film. I am an unabashed Dr. Who fan, so seeing Chris Eccleston made me pretty happy. I still am not sure exactly how I feel about this, I like Ewan Mcgregor a lot but seeing him play a borderline sociopath was a bit unsettling. I don’t think the payoff at the end is totally satisfying mostly because the 3 protagonists deserve all the terrible things that befall them. The other problem I have is that they could have hidden the money and called the cops when they first discover the dead body, and they would have had none of the problems. Not a waste of time, and definitely interesting to see where Boyle started off. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“They went up there alive and came back down dead! Did you notice that?”

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