It’s the magical time of year again. No, not Ramadan or the half-price beef sale at Capt. Steve’s House of Meat. It’s time for Chicago Comic Con (aka Wizard World Chicago)!  This will be our 5th straight year of attending, and our first as credentialed members of the media elite.  This year again finds us anxious to people watch, leer at A-list celebrities, and try to avoid looking at that D-lister who’s fallen on hard times; for example that time we saw The Honky Tonk man looking sad outside and trying to bum a smoke off some dude in a Galactus shirt.  Some of the stars we’re looking forward to seeing this year are Scott Bakula, Bruce Campbell, Norman Reedus, Colin Ferguson AND… Stan “The Man” Lee!   Hopefully these folks won’t be sheltered behind a curtain like the Great and Powerful Oz, or surrounded by a group of overweight and asthmatic bodyguards so we can catch a glimpse.  There are few things for us fanboys as great as getting to see that TV or movie star you love, right in front of you in the living flesh. The stars in attendance range for Star Trek captains, to WWE wrestlers and even one of the Guidos from Jersey Shore.  With comics, toys and other pop culture items, there is bound to be something that will interest almost anyone.

We’re only planning on being there for one day, so trying to squeeze all the star-gazing, the vendors, artist alley and a panel or two is going to be a challenge.  There is a lot to do there, and a true fanboy would probably want to spend at least two days there.  We’re planning on live-blogging our events at the con, and the craziness that usually follows in the hotel lobby and the infamous Red Bar later that night an into the early morning hours.  If you’re not burnt out after all the superhero movies and hype this summer, and need more comics and popular culture, check it out.

Wizard World Chicago is August 9th – 12th at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.  Their website is here.