Goon (2011)

Life seems to be passing Doug Glatt ( Sean William Scott) by. His brother is a successful surgeon, and his best friend hosts a regional hockey talk show on the outskirts of Boston. Doug is a bouncer at a local dive bar, and doesn’t really have much going for him.  All that changes when his friend takes him to a hockey game for a local club team. After Doug’s buddy talks crap to one of the opposing player, the guy climbs out of the penalty box and goes after him.  Doug steps up for his friend and lays the hockey player out cold.  The next day Dougie is a YouTube sensation.  The coach of the home team asks Doug to come down and try out.  As Doug goes out onto the ice, it is clear that his is not a strong skater, or any kind of skater for that matter, as he comes out wearing his gay brother’s figure skates.  After some members of the team make fun of him, he proceeds to kick the ever living shit out of them.  The coach has found himself a new enforcer.

For those of you who aren’t hockey fans, an enforcer is just a goon.  He is on the team to start fights and to retaliate against the other team for hard hits on his players.  Doug excels at this, as he isn’t asked to play hockey, just fight.  The coach doesn’t want to see Doug’s talents wasted, so he sends him up to the minor leagues. There Doug finds a rag-tag team of misfits (think Major League on skates), but his main job is to protect the team’s star player who is scared to play since getting a massive hit a few years ago.  It is clear that Doug is the only one excited to be there, but eventually the team accepts him.

Doug becomes somewhat of a hockey celebrity during his adventures.  He gets his team to rally around winning, meets a nice young lady whom he hopes to bone at some point and ends up in a fight to the near death with one of hockey’s all-time great enforcers who is looking to retire on a high note by whooping this new hot shot.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I knew from the moment I saw the trailer that I would like this movie.  It is a nice mix of comedy and drama and I think it excels at both.  I found myself smiling through almost the entire movie, as there is always something good on-screen.  If you like funny sports movies you should give this a watch, you don’t have to be a hockey fan, just a fan of good movies. Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Say what you will about Stifler, but I think that Sean William Scott is a fun actor to watch. I see nearly everything he’s in and I am usually happy with what I get. I am not saying he’s Gary Oldman, but anybody else in Goon, and I would have passed. Instead I was really happy when we decided to do this for the blog, not only so I had an excuse to see it sooner than later, I am glad to praise Scott for being able to not just play assholes. It took me a while to realize that his character was slow, but I bought it, and you can’t help but pull for him. The plot holds no surprises, and you can probably guess the ending 5 minutes in, but the performances and Glatt’s goofy charm make this very watchable and downright funny at times. I am not really  a hockey fan, and I have not seen Slapshot, (I know, blasphemy,) but I really had a good time, and can’t wait to see Scott’s next outing, whatever it may be. Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“I think we both have a light in our stomachs. A special light. Like ET. And the team needs somebody to light the way. My stomach light needs your stomach light. We can all phone home together.”

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