Batman: Year One (2011)

This animated feature, based on the Frank Miller graphic novel, finds two men entering the city of Gotham: millionaire Bruce Wayne (absent from Gotham for the last 12 years), and new cop Lt. James Gordon.  Both men find the city to be a den of evil, ruled by the corrupt, and each one vows to make it a better place the only way they can.  A disguised Wayne becomes a vigilante crime-fighter in the red light district beating up pimps and  drug dealers.  Gordon is trying to work through the corrupt police station, with a commissioner on the take and a partner who likes to abuse his power.  Eventually Wayne dons the moniker of Batman and aims to strike fear into the criminals of Gotham, he needs help in doing so, and eventually teams up with Gordon.  Catwoman makes a brief appearance as a hooker to trying to fight back and get these do-gooder to leave everyone alone. 

Alex’s Thoughts: While I love Batman, and like the graphic novel, I don’t care for the animation style.  The voice acting for Batman wasn’t all that good, but Bryan Cranston as Gordon is really good, Eliza Dushku as Catwoman doesn’t lend much to the character and is just kind of flat.  You need to be a hardcore fan to get much out of this, and it isn’t something you can watch with your kids as it’s pretty violent.  I’ve seen better animated Batman films like Gohamn Knights, and not many worse.  Alex Rates This Movie 4/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I was warned that the Gordon part of the story is much more compelling than the Batman story, and I 100% agree. If this was just about Gordon and his rise to Commissioner then I would be all in, but the Batman segments are much too melodramatic. The animation is a bit awkward, but I got used to it, but anytime Batman showed up I was pulled out again. Overall it’s pretty mediocre, and I think instead you should go out to you local comic book store and pick up the graphic novel.  Tim Rates This Movie 5/10

“You can never escape me. Nothing harms me. But I know pain.”

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