Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt (2003)

Late one evening an invitation is left of the doorstep of TV’s Batman, Adam West, inviting him to an event at a car museum.  Upon arriving he learns that his on-screen crime-fighting partner Robin is there as well, played by Burt Ward.  Little do they know that the museum is unveiling the Batmobile from the show.  Adam reveals that he still has the key for the car, and that is when the lights go out.  When they come back on the key is missing, along with the Batmobile.  The duo take it upon themselves to find the stolen car.

This plot is a segway of sorts to an entire different plot of the movie: the history of the tv show.  While chasing the thief, Adam and Burt reminisce, and we see how they landed their parts and all of the fame it brought them.  And not just fame, but money and tons of chicks. Really? Burt Ward got tons of chicks?  The sixties were a crazy time I guess.  We really aren’t sure how much of the stuff they say happened on the show really did, but if you believe everything you see then that was probably a great three years for those involved.  We get to see some of the villains from the show, and a lot of the actors do a great job impersonating these well-known characters, including the guys playing Frank Gorshin (The Riddler) and Burgess Meredith (The Penguin).  While in the present day story line we see the real Frank Gorshin and Julie Numar (Catwoman) as actual villains who want their due respect.  Again, we’re not sure how much of the TV show is made up, but it might have been possible that Bert Ward caused problems with certain moral groups due to the size of his bulge while in the Robin costume and that Adam West was always in trouble with the network censers due to his ad-libbing of bat-themed sexual innuendos.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I have always been a fan of the TV show. As a kid that was how I knew about Batman, and it wasn’t until the Tim Burton movies came along that I came to realize that Batman wasn’t a brightly dressed bat-oosie dancing fool, but an actual hero that was to be feared.  I will still watch that show today if it’s on. Sure it’s cheesy as hell, but it’s fun to watch.  I really enjoyed this movie, seeing how the old show was made and some possibly interesting things that happened on and off the set.  The downside was the present day Batman and Robin: the acting on the show was corny, this acting is just as bad.  It was off-putting because the Adam West and Burt Ward from the flashbacks are really good actors.  So I have mixed feeling about this, but if you enjoyed the show, you will enjoy this.  Alex Rates This Movie 7.5/10

Tim’s Thoughts: This is not as good as the old TV show, but it’s kind of fun to see two icons back in the saddle, even if they are old and creaky. It’s too bad the actors that play the younger versions of West and Ward haven’t done more prominent work, they are the real stars of this show. If you aren’t a big fan of Batman ’66 then you can skip this, I liked it, but I grew up watching these reruns, so I had fun. It’s really not very good, but it does capture some of that old spirit, and there are a few good running gags, so if you like the goofy Batman, then this is worth a watch. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“The butler did it. We should’ve seen this coming a mile away.”

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