Event Horizon (1997)

It’s the year 2047, man has colonized the moon, and is now exploring deep space (man, we had better get going on that, it isn’t that far away).  Seven years ago a science vessel called Event Horizon was lost; all those on board were have said to have been killed when the ship exploded near the edge of our solar system.  That isn’t really the truth, as a rescue team dispatched to Neptune is about to find out.  The government has sent them out to the B.F.E. of space because they have just received a distress call… from Event Horizon.  The crew of the rescue ship, captained by  Miller (Laurence Fishburne), is being briefed by Dr. Weir: an expert on the ship, because he was the one who built the damn thing.  He also built a device on board that would allow the ship to open a black hole and travel to any spot in the universe; it was through the first black hole it made, that the ship was lost.

The crew’s goal is simply search and rescue; get aboard the ship, look for survivors and any data that might help them find out what happened and then go home.  As a small group goes aboard, it is clear that things did not go well for the old crew, as vast amounts of gore and body parts are floating around in the lack of gravity aboard the ship.  As one member of the group accidentally engages the black hole generator while trying to restore power, he is sucked in, and then spat out comatose.  The doctor denies that this is possible and that the incident is the crew’s fault, not the ship’s.  Weir is sure that the ship can be salvaged, and nothing is out of sorts here.  The previous crew just went space crazy and butchered each other.

It isn’t long before people start seeing things: loved ones in pain or people in their past who have died.  The crew agree that since they are all seeing this, it must be the ship causing them to go mad, and try to leave, but their space craft is mysteriously damaged.  They are forced to stay on the Even Horizon until repairs can be made, but every second on that ship is one too many.  The ships final video log entry is discovered and it’s a thing of pure nightmares, with people ripping each other to bits, as we also see the captain’s final message in Latin, which the crew initially translated as ‘save me’ on the distress call, but in reality was ‘save yourself… from Hell’.  That’s right kids, the black hole took this ship to Hell, where it somehow became a living thing and wants a new crew with new souls to devour. As the now possessed Dr. Weir tries to kills the surviving rescue team, it is up to Capt. Miller to save as many of his crew as he can before this ship destroys them all.

Alex’s Thoughts: I always found this movie to be really good and at time quite terrifying.  The amount of crazy going on, mixed with the fact that there is no place for them to go, really creates a lot of suspense.  The acting is really good at times, with the exception of one of the crew members that was obviously added for comic relief. I felt that was really unnecessary, and it took me out of the moment whenever he showed up.  In addition to that, the movies ends on a scare and with a tense moment, but the ending credits come at you with a techno dance song from Prodigy.  I was hoping for some ominous music, not some dance hall glow shit beats; it sort of lessened the effect of the entire movie for me.  Those two things aside, I still found that I still liked this one, the practical effects are done well, but the CGI was overused and looks bad, but I think that was them just showing off this new technology.  Sci-fi and horror fans should both like this flick.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10 

Tim’s Thoughts:I was thrilled by this movie when I saw it in theaters, I called it “The Shining” in space. After watching it again, I may have been a bit over zealous. Now I am not saying that I don’t like this movie, but more, my opinion has evolved a bit. Not many of the effects hold up, but the concept, and the cast absolutely make this a fun watch for me still. It does bear some similarities to The Shining, but lumping them together would be a bit insulting. Event Horizon has some great moments, and some really good scares, and I won’t lie, Sci-fi Horror may be one of my favorite genres, so I am sure that skews my opinion a bit. So if you also love these kind of movies, then I can strongly recommend this, but you will have to ignore a few bad special effects. If this sort of thing isn’t your bag, then you already know to steer clear. Tim Rates This Movie: 8/10

“Hell is just a word, captain. The reality is so much worse.”

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