Hey guys, we are going to attempt a spoiler free review of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. I have avoided most of the trailers and run from spoilers faster than Fat Albert to a buffet bar. So keep checking back as I blog not only my thoughts on the movie, but the emotional roller coaster that is a over caffeinated movie nerd’s day.

10:45- It’s two hours before Prometheus starts, and my palms are already sweating. I am terrified that this will not live up to expectations. After all, it’s Ridley Scott! He’s given us some the greatest science fiction films of our generation, and that’s not counting other amazing movies like Black Hawk Down. I can’t help but worry because lately he’s been a bit off his game. Did you see Robin Hood? No? Well to be honest, neither did I, but I don’t think I have the stomach for another turd filled costume drama where they give you all the best action pieces in the previews. But something feels different this time, he has returned to a universe that is both beautiful and terrifying. So yes, I may be a little excited, Alien is one of my favorite horror movies, it’s a perfect blend of suspense and horror. I don’t expect Prometheus to deliver on all of those levels, but even 75% of that greatness would be pretty awesome.

12:10- I kiss my daughter goodbye as she laughs, and I am ready to leave the house in my clever t-shirt and flip flops.  Even if this movie stinks, I will be hanging out with some good friends, who may provide a shoulder to cry on, if not, I can bribe them with popcorn. Wish us luck!

12:40- popcorn puchased. Here we go!

3:01- The dust has settled and my friends and I have stepped out into the hot air and sunlight. There are mixed feelings among the group, but we do reach a general consensus; we liked it. There is much discussion about this or that, and what we would have liked to have seen, or not seen, but no one feels like we have wasted our time. An actual review to come soon. Easier to do from my laptop than a phone.


All right gang, Tim here, and I am going to attempt a spoiler free review of Prometheus. I am of two minds because I think I may feel differently after digesting it a bit. First of all, I won’t call this a prequel, but you have the same director (Scott), you have the same producer (Walter Hill), and the exact same title reveal from the first Alien, I’m not sayin’ , I’m just sayin’.  So right off the bat, this movie looks great, only once or twice did I feel an effect didn’t look great. Considering that this is a hard sci-fi movie that is a pretty amazing feat.  All of the acting is very good, despite the characters being pretty much your standard fare. As my friend Greg pointed out, you can easily guess who is going to die, but they do an excellent job of teasing it. There is a wonderful sense of dread and suspense once Prometheus lands, and we quickly get into that Cold War favorite trope of who is really the enemy. While not as heavy handed as James Cameron does it, it’s pretty obvious at times, but again, the tease makes it a lot of fun to watch.  As a science fiction movie, I think Prometheus excels, but the horror aspect is more or less paint by numbers. This is not a scary movie, and it doesn’t come close to the shocks of the original Alien, but it is damn entertaining, and does pose some interesting questions about the creation of man. I don’t mean this in a theological sense, but more in the “what do we do when the truth is not what we expected”. Micheal Fassbender is incredible, but I expected nothing less, and the as I have said, the rest of the cast is more than serviceable. Other than that, without spoiling things, I will say this: There is plenty of stuff here for fans of the Alien universe, but you really don’t need to see those movies, Prometheus could stand alone as a Sci-Fi flick, but for the nerds and geeks like myself, stay till the end of the credits, you might laugh like I did, but if you haven’t seen the other movies, or hip to Alien stuff, it may be lost on you. So in a summer of blockbusters, I don’t think Prometheus is the best one out there, so far Avengers and A Cabin In The Woods are much better, and we haven’t even seen the new Batman yet. Despite that,  I had a great time, and got more or less exactly what I wanted from Prometheus, and really enjoyed it.

p.s. There are some great gore effects, and one thing in particular that will always bug me, but it’s nothing plot related so it doesn’t matter too much. Oh and I almost forgot

Tim Rates This Movie 9/10(but that’s as an “Alien” fan.)