So after we published ourt list of our favorite Superhero movies based on a comic book, a demand was brought to our attention, you want a countdown of what we think are the worst Superhero movies. We being your humble movie reviewers, have no choice but to grant your wish. So here it is, and feel free to tell us we are wrong….or right, we are okay with that too.

10. Superman 4: The Quest For Peace. We were all questing for a good movie, but this is what they gave us, a Superman clone that needs to tan. BARF.

9. Batman and Robin. Thank you Joel Schumacher for putting nipples on the batsuit and burying this franchise for a decade, so Chris Nolan could relaunch it into greatness like a chiseled phoenix  with a grudge.

8. Daredevil. Ben Affleck makes us all wish we were blind too. And don’t get us started on Electra…

7. The Spirit. Um it’s like Sin City, but it’s not. That is the nicest thing we can say about it.

6. Howard The Duck. Yes technically he’s a superhero, he hung out with Man-Thing, and did stuff. And he totally nails a hot chick in this movie; inter-species erotica at its best, people.

5. Captain America (1990). Salinger should stick to writing. Wait, what? It’s his kid? Well that guy should stick to being a trust fund baby.

4. Fantastic Four, and FF 2. It’s sad when you have a big budget and a cheap Roger Corman version does it better. Chris Evans’ talent is completely wasted in this.

3. Steel. Superman get’s Shaq Fu’d in this shiny metalic turd. It makes Kazzam look like The Shawshank Redemption.

2. Supergirl, and Catwoman. Here are two movies that are so bad, yet strangely watchable, well at least once. The interesting thing is that both films have nothing in common with their comic book counterparts.

1. Ghost Rider. Unleash your inner Cage, and you may set your head on fire too. What a waste of time, and more upsetting, what a waste of a cool character.

This could have easily been a top 20 type of deal, but in the interest of your valuable time, we made it short. Leave us a comment and let us know what would have been in your top 10!