May (2003)

Young May doesn’t have a lot going for her.  She has an unloving mother who constantly puts her down and makes fun of her lazy eye.  Mommy goes so far as to tell her that she shouldn’t even try making friends, since no one likes her anyway.  She gives her a friend named Suzie to play with, but Suzie is just a doll in a box that May is never allowed to take out.  We jump ahead to May as an adult, and you can imagine that she is quite the social retard thanks to her mother.  She spends her days working as a veterinary assistant and sewing her own clothes in the evenings.  She has no friends, but if she wasn’t a complete weirdo; she’d see that the receptionist at her office (Anna Ferris) likes her, but May can’t pick up the very obvious and forward hints.

One day she walks by a garage near her work and goons at the mechanic there for a while.  She loves everything about Adam and stalks him for weeks, trying to get up the nerve to talk to him.  She follows him to a laundry mat, and he strikes up a conversation while cleaning his unmentionables.  They actually go out on a date soon after, and although she is a bit of a nut job, Adam is into her.  So you’d think right away that this toolbox is into taking advantage of fruitcakes, but it seems that he just likes her quirkiness.  After a few failed attempts at making out, and an even worse attempt at actual sex, that leaves Adam bloodied; he has had enough and splits.

Basically, this drives a girl that is already so close to the edge right on over.  She has a brief fling with Anna Ferris, but is still too awkward around sex to do much about it.  It isn’t until she accidentally kills her cat, that May starts to come out of her shell.  You learn very quickly that she should have stayed in that crazy shell of hers.  On Halloween night, she dresses up like her pal Suzie the doll and goes on a quest to find someone who will lover her.  She goes on to murder the receptionist and her new girlfriend, as well as Adam and his new squeeze; and from each victim takes the parts that she likes best.  Once she gets home she begins to construct some sort of Frankenstein monster that is part human and part doll; the only problem is that it can’t see her, since its head is made of fabric. So she does what any insane girl would do: cuts out one of her own eyes so she and her creation can look at each other longingly.

Alex’s Thoughts:  What the shit did I just watch? I still don’t know if I like it or not, but I’m leaning towards the fact that maybe I do, despite it being a really crazy flick.  The main actress, although she kind of looks like Skeletor, pulls off the crazy chick role really well.  The entire thing is well acted, with the exception of Anna Ferris, whose character comes off as too desperate, which was probably her direction, but it seemed forced.  There are some parts of this movie that are pretty gross, and other parts that go a little too slow for my taste; but when she get all ‘dolled’ up and goes out on her body part scavenger hunt it the big payoff.  She is like a completely different person, and the actress is really able to let her talent show through.  If you like oddball horror/dramas this might be worth a watch.  Alex Rates This Movie 6.5/10

Tim’s Thoughts:I found myself really enjoying this odd little movie. I was never bored, and found all of the characters really interesting, and kind of funny. May seems especially sympathetic, which I did not expect, and I found myself wishing that things could just go a little bit differently for her. This isn’t for everyone, and I don’t think this is a straight up horror movie, but I would recommend this to horror fans that like an interesting piece of cinema. Also keep your eyes open for all the Frankenstein references. Tim Rates this Movie 8/10

“So many pretty parts and no pretty wholes”

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