Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

In this opera, set in the not too distant future, some sort of plague has decimated the human population.  Many of those left alive are suffering from organ failure. But there is hope in the form of a company called GeneCo; who will gladly get you a transplant and offers easy financing, but should you fail to make a payment… they send in the repo man.  And he isn’t some high school dropout sex offender like that guy who took your car last week, he is a trained surgeon who is going to track you down and cut that organ out of you with no thought as to your comfort or general well-being.  In other words, this medically trained assassin has very poor bed-side manners.

Here are some details about our confusing storyline:  Shilo is our main character, she has a condition that keeps her indoors, her protective father Nate had a wife who died during childbirth, but a drug he gave her is what killed her. In order to keep this from his daughter he secretly works as a repo man for the owner of GeneCo (and former lover of Nate’s dead wife) Largo.  Largo is knocking on Death’s door, and wants to leave his company in responsible hands; be he can’t trust any of his asshole kids.  His daughter Amber (Paris Hilton) is addicted to painkillers and plastic surgery, Luigi is a psychopathic murder and Pavi likes wearing other people’s skin Buffalo Bill style.  He doesn’t have a lot of options, until he meets Shilo, who is out wondering the graveyard behind her house.  Largo offers her a cure to her disorder, knowing full well that she is the daughter of his former lover.

Largo invites Shilo to the Genetic Opera in the town square, where he plans to replace his current star, Blind Mag, with her, but only after she agrees to be cured as part of the show and is therefore in debt to GeneCo.  During the opera Blind Mag is killed after denouncing GeneCo, and other secrets are revealed by Largo:  Nate has been making Shilo sick on purpose to keep her close and away from the outside world, and that he is also a repo man. She doesn’t take to kindly to this, and watches on as Largo kills her dad, then dies himself.  Largo had willed GeneCo to Shilo, who declines to be part of such an evil company.  Yes, it’s a very confusing story, we agree!

Alex’s Thoughts: I just realized something: I don’t like opera. Singing all of your lines to music I can’t hear doesn’t make for a fun time for me. The premise is entertaining, and the visuals are really interesting, but the singing and all of the weird shit is way too overwhelming to me.  It started out alright, with a nice little comic book themed intro, but lost me like 5 minutes in. I’ve tried to watch this once before, and fell asleep; I wasn’t so lucky this time. I will admit there are a few good parts, mainly involving the organ repossession and the Largo kids, who are all crazy and watching them bicker is actually fun. But the slow parts just kill whatever good thoughts I was starting to have for this movie.  I think I would tell most people to give it a try, and I’m sure lots of horror fans would probably like it. You will know in the first 15 minutes if this is for you or not.  Alex Rates This Movie 5/10 

Tim’s Thoughts:This isn’t a good movie, but for some reason, I kinda like it. I think it’s the ambition, and the utter insanity of the premise. Some of the musical numbers are better than others, and yes it’s confusing as hell at times, but I enjoyed watching this all the same.  Whenever this comes up in conversation I find myself defending Repo, and it’s difficult because it’s just so damn weird and inconsistent. I like this, but I don’t expect other people to, so take that into consideration when you see my rating. I am very interested in what other people think about this so please comment and tell me why I’m wrong. Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“I remember, I dismember. ‘Cause the claims medic gives no anesthetic! 90 days delinquent gets ya’ repo treatment! I’m the masked horror on your street corner! Make your mama mourn ya! I’m the Night Surgeon!”

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