Hey everyone. Please join us at the Chicago Comic & Entertainiment EXPO as we live blog our day. From the trip there, the show floor, the cosplayers and the panels, see what we see in all its nerdy glory.

6:58am – It’s storming like a mofo here in South Bend. A nice hour and a half drive awaits us until we get to Chicago. On my way to pick up my partner in crime for the day, Shaun Dubie. Another update once we get there, as we are going to try and score free autograph tickets for Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead, and I’m sure that will just be the first of many lines we will be standing in for the day.

8:30 – Here, press pass in hand, waiting in the queue to get in @ 10. Fastest trip to chicago ever in a hour and twenty minutes. A few costumes, nothing awesome or embarassing yet. Always on the lookout for the fattest person wearing the smallest outfit.

9:36 – still in a line of about 3,000, but near the front. Lots of good costumes including pee wee hermam w/ Globie!!

12:00 – walked around a bit, saw Sean Austin got a free pic as I walked by. I have to stop every few minutes and make sure I’m not the one with the killer B.O., I’m not, it’s just every other person. Shower you fat nerds!

3:00 – waiting in line for a walking dead panel. Show floor is packed with certain spots too smelly to progress. Other aisles are aslo hard to get down: sir or madam, while I appreciate the effort you put into your costume, the fact that it is 4′ wide makes me hate it! Also got scolded by a security guard for trying to take a picture of Val Kilmer, who was a good 70′ away, good thing he’s so fat, so I still got a good chunk of him. Note: DotCom from 30 rock isn’t really that big of a guy, everyone on that show must be a shorty.

6:00 – panel was fun, the actor who plays glenn was really funny, and maggie is super hot and british. Walked the floor some more and got an autograph from DotCom, now we are waiting (again) for a comedy show staring him and Kevin from The League. He better Shiva Blast, or there will be hell to pay… Shivakamini Somakondakrom!!

12:45 – home and ready for bed… my dogs are barking. Comedy show was great, and better than I hoped it be. All in all it was a great con, and I’m sure it will be bigger and better next year. On the way home we we looking at some of the capt. America props they auctioned off there. Yikes! $30k for a shild, and a quarter of a million for the complete costume. Some random chairs and misc. Props still sold for thousands of dollars. What reccession? Can’t wait till our next con in August.