It’s that time of year again: time for our rounds to the area comic book and pop culture conventions.  Up first for us this year, is the 3rd annual Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, being held at McCormick Place convention center along beautiful Lakeshore Drive.  I (Alex) have been to the two previous shows, and found them to be among the best shows I’ve ever attended.  Although the first C2E2 was somewhat small in scale, there were still a large amount of quality guests, vendors and an artists alley that rivaled much larger well-known shows.  The following year, things really ramped up; the show floor grew by at least three-fold, and the attendance multiplied by more than that.  The guests were bigger names (though with much bigger lines), and big entertainment companies (Marvel, DC & Dark Horse) really made their presence known.  C2E2 had establish itself at one of the better cons in the country, and rivals the other big summer show in town – Wizard World Chicago (aka Chicago Comic-Con).  Although Wizard World might be bigger, C2E2, at least to me, feels like a better show.  There’s more space to move around, and the much larger well-lit rooms make it feel a lot more inviting compared to the darker, more confined spaces of the Rosemont Convention Center.  The fans that attend C2E2 seem to really enjoy themselves.  I would say that more than 25% of those in attendance are in costume, with many younger fans in attendance than what I’m used to (or maybe I’m just getting older).

If you live in the area, or are a fan of great conventions, I would suggest you make it out to C2E2 this year (April 13th-15th).  It’s an easy show to get to (with shuttle service from hotels as well as being on a train route), and I have always found it to be very inviting and a lot of fun.  The promoters of the show, Reed Exhibitions, always try to get quality guests and always provide great informative panels.  They were also kind enough to issue press credentials to this lowly blogger, so that I could share the word with my fellow nerds out there.  If you won’t be able to make it this year, don’t worry.  We will be doing a live blog from the show floor, keeping you updated on all the great things we come across, and the crazy people who cross our paths; as well as wrap up of all the events.

Check out the show site here.