Rammbock: Berlin Undead (2010)

Love’s a bitch sometimes.  No one knows that better than Michael.  He has recently been dumped by his girlfriend Gabi, but he has a lame idea that will at least allow him to see her again… where he will probably act like a schmuck and she will be certain she made the right choice.  Michael plans on personally returning her keys, which she said to mail.  He goes to her new apartment to find only construction workers, and decides he will wait for her.  Won’t she be excited?  As one of the workers struggles with a pipe, he ends up cutting his arm; moments latter his eyes are all glazed over and he runs at Michael.

Luckily the crazy guy’s assistant, Harper, is there to help and they end up pushing the guy out into the hall.  Seconds later they here a ruckus out in the courtyard of the apartment building, and they rush to the window.  They aren’t quite ready for what they see.  Dozens of crazy people are chasing a few scared folks around like chickens, eventually catching them and biting their tender flesh.  We have a zombie outbreak on our hand, folks!  The TV is no help and the few remaining tenants are scared, but are still communicating through their windows that overlook the courtyard.  Days pass, and without food, Michael and Harper are ready to try a desperate act.  One of the tenants has a sick sister, but knows of another tenant (Gabi’s neighbor) who has some medicine. He says that he will give them some much needed food for their help. They two guys break down the wall between the apartment, which not only alerts the zombies to their presents, but also riles up the old lady zombie in the adjacent apartment.

Harper finds a nice high shelf to hid on, while Michael ducks into a pantry as a horde of zombies rush in, and finds a ladder to the attic and moves on up to safety.  There is some good news and bad news up there.  The good news is that Gabi is up there, the bad news is that she is with her new boyfriend.  Michael doesn’t take that news so well and heads up to the roof, making his way the the guy’s apartment who needed the medicine.  His sister isn’t well, and soon zombifies and tackles her brother as they fall out the window.   It turns out that guy was an asshole, and didn’t really have too much food anyway.  Meanwhile harper has discovered that the zombies don’t like a camera flash, and he is able to escape and force all of the zombies out of the building.

They meat up with a cute girl and some other douchebag and plan to escape in the morning using cameras and some other lights they scavenged.  In the middle of the night, the guy steals all the food and flashes and makes a break for it.  Not on their watch! They chase after him, and right before he is eaten Michael manages to save a camera, but is bit in the process.  It won’t be long now before he is a zombie, so he sends Harper and the woman on their way to a boat where they will be safe (for a while probably).  As Michael starts twitching and changing into a zombie, he sees Gabi’s new beau running for his life.  What could he be scared of? How about Zombie Gabi?  Michael grabs her and gives her a nice long hug before he turns.  The two of them do end up together in the end. How nice.

Alex’s Thoughts:  While this isn’t anything special that we haven’t seen before, it was still a pretty good watch.  It’s true that zombies have been done to death recently; once in a while one will stick out above the others.  I think this is one of those.  Visually it’s very well made with some nice long takes and well acted.  The main guy is a little but of a knob, and it’s hard to root for his early in the film, but he becomes a hero later on.  The zombies look pretty decent, and the older ones develop this odd Klingon forehead ridge thing in addition to their glassy eyes and foaming mouth.  I think zombie fans would still find something in this movie to enjoy, despite everything that has been pushed on us lately.  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10 

Tim’s Thoughts: Zombies have been beaten to death lately, and yes they keep on getting back up, but some should really stay down. While this isn’t that bad of a movie (and it’s just over an hour long, that’s a big plus!) Rammbock doesn’t stand out. There’s no new twist on the story, no new angle, and the main character is such a wimp, it’s nearly impossible to pull for him, and by the end I was just glad I didn’t have to hear him whimper anymore. Fans that must see every incarnation of zombie films will be fine with this, it’s not terrible, but for me, having seen a ton of this exact same film, it’s just more of the same. Tim Rates This Movie:5/10

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