Gentlemen Broncos (2009)

Benjamin has dreams of becoming a successful science fiction writer.  His oddball mother sends him on an overnight field trip for home schooled kids who are aspiring novelists, despite it not being in the budget.  Ben has written a novel about a futuristic land that has been decimated by the yeast wars, and a hero who has risen to defend it; his name… Bronco.  While on the trip Ben is scammed out of his spending money by a girl named Tabatha and her freakishly ugly friend Lonnie.  Tabatha writes French romance novels, and Lonnie directs movies.  They eventually learn to tolerate each other becoming somewhat friends, and Ben allows Tabatha to read his work.  It’s here that the movie sort of takes on a different persona, as the scenes from the book are acted out in all their cheesy sci-fi splendor, with San Rockwell playing the part of Bronco, and Cyclops and cybog deer populating the rest of the screen.

Tabatha likes Ben’s story, which gives him confidence for the first time in his life.  As the author’s conference opens, Ben is shocked to see that his favorite writer Chevalier (Jemaine Clement) is hosting and doing workshops.  It’s clear to the movie audience that this guy is full of it, and that’s confirmed when he gets a call from his publisher giving him notice that if he doesn’t deliver a good book soon, he’s out of a job.  It’s then that he picks up Ben’s novel that he is supposed to be judging, and really likes what he reads. So much so that he takes it home and tweaks it a bit, and calls it his own.

Chevalier turns Bronco into Brutus a much less masculine version, as we see the same type of corny story played out as the book is read, Sam Rockwell also plays Brutus who is just as crazy in this version.  It doesn’t take long before the book is published, and as Ben rushes to read a new work from his hero, he can’t help notice that this is the story he wrote.  Ben confronts Chevalier at a book signing and socks it to him, but is promptly arrested.  All is well however as Ben’s accusations of plagiarism are found to be all too true.  His book is soon released they way it was meant to be, and now his family in rolling in that cheddar.

Alex’s Thoughts:  This has been on my radar for a few years now, and I’m glad I finally got a chance to see it.  The trailers made it look like it was probably going to be really slow, but I found it to be a fast paced movie full of laughs.  Most of those laughs were courtesy of the odd ‘movie with in a movie’ starring Bronco.  The things going on there were too absurd no to laugh at.  Jermaine was great as always in this one, and Sam Rockwell’s double parts were nothing short of hilarious.  This movie was written and directed by one of the guys who did Napoleon Dynamite, and it feels a lot like it; maybe too much of a copy in some parts, but it works again here.  If Dynamite was a movie you enjoyed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t like this one.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts:Okay, so Broncos gets a bad rap. I think that this movie is so strange that it’s great, and most people unprepared for something so bizarre dismissed it out of hand. I could watch the Bronco parts of the movie every day and laugh every time. Just talking about it, makes me want to watch it again, and I think I will go do that. Prepare yourself for something similar to Napoleon Dynamite, filled with the same kind of subdued humor, but that if possible is even more weird. Not for everyone, but definitely for me. Tim Rates This  Movie 9/10

“Bronco was tripping balls off some bad yeast.”

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