Leprechaun 5: In the Hood (2000)

The pimping game is hard work, so our 70’s pimp Mack Daddy(Ice T) is looking for a little bit of extra coin.  He recently bought a treasure map that will lead him to a pot of gold.  It ends up leading him into a sewer, where there is indeed a pot of gold along with a freaky looking leprechaun statue.  How the people installing the pipes missed this is a mystery.  The pimp snatches up the gold, which includes a swanky flute, and goes to take off the gold chain around the statue’s neck, but that brings him back to life.  There is a brief skin merchant on magic fairy skirmish before the neck finds its way back on the leprechaun, and turns him back into stone.  The pimp is excited about what he’s discovered and says it’s off to Motown, but for some reason we pick up our story in present dayCompton.

Three want-to-be rappers and auditioning for a gig, but they really aren’t very good, and on top of that their special effects show destroys the club they are in; poor guys.  With their equipment ruined, they aren’t sure how they are going to make it large in the rap game.  That is until they meet the former pimp and now record producer from our previous paragraph.   Mack Daddysays he will give them a shot, and after hearing them thinks they have potential.  But he wants them to change their style from positive messages to killing folks and choking bitches.  Two of the members are okay with that, while the front man has issues, and thinks they can make it with this flesh peddler behind them.  The only problem is that they need some money for new equipment, and decide to make it the old fashion way – rob that pimp blind.

That night they break into Mack’s office and proceed to steal everything of value, which included the leprechaun’s gold and flute, as well as the nice necklace off the creepy statue in the corner.  Guess who’s awake again?  So now not only do they have a gangster trying to kill them, they have a homicidal fairy tale creature on their tails as well.  Lots of running, killing and horrible racial stereotypes fill out the rest of the movie.

Alex’s Thoughts:  Sweet shit, who keeps paying to see these movies?  Who ever it is, stop it. They need to quit making this crap.  The first one was a funny gimmick, I will give it that, but now it’s just sad.  They set the tone in the previous versions that the leprechaun speaks in rhymes, and apparently all the good ones have been used up by now, because he makes absolutely no sense when he is talking.  But that might be the least of the problems with this movie. It’s just a mess, but that’s what you get when anything good has been exhausted in the previous 4 movies. The only reason to see it, is mostly just to make fun of it and laugh at how the writer’s only reference for the black culture is watching movies from the late 90’s.  Even their exterior shots of South Central LA are full of Mexicans, and are obviously shot somewhere less dangerous.  This thing is a joke from start to finish.  Alex Rates This Movie 1/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I own this on VHS just for the novelty, and that’s all this movie is, novelty. It’s not good, it’s not good bad, it’s just bad. The scene where the Leprechaun and the transvestite banter is pretty funny, but the rest of it is utter garbage. Oh wait, you can stick around and listen to Warwick Davis rap through the end credits…..kill me now. If you are having a bad movie night, this is passable. If you are a glutton for punishment or need a break from cutting yourself, I guess this will suffice, but I recommend you take our advice and skip it. Tim Rates This Movie: 1/10

“I’ll take it from you, homie, you’ll see, cause you know the Leprechaun is the real O.G.”

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