The Perfect Host (2010)

John Daily, a regular guy and not the fat ass golfer, has just robbed a bank and is on the run from the police.  He has ditched his Hunter S. Thompson disguise that wasn’t fooling anyone and is running around trying to get to his get-a-way car, despite a severe cut on his foot.  He drives through LA without any clue as to what to do next, and decides that his best bet is to break into a house and lay low for a while.  After failing to get an old lady to let him in, he finds a house with a postcard in the mailbox and cooks up some story about the sender and his relationship with her in order to gain entry to the home of Warwick (David Hyde Pierce).  Warwick is very accommodating to the stranger who says that they share a common friend named Julia.  John bullshits he way through a few stories, and is eventually invited to be a guest at Warwick’s dinner party.  He agrees and is all excited about it until he hears that one of the guest works for the district attorney’s office.  Combine that with a radio report he hears about his robbery and he goes ape shit!

John is confused about what to do now, as he fears getting caught, so he has Warwick make some calls at knife-point and cancel the party.  John just needs some time to think… and maybe a nap… why is he getting so sleepy?  It’s like someone drugged him… it was Warwick, that fuck!  After some much deserved rest, John awakens to find Warwick talking to his dinner guests.  The only problem is that John is having trouble seeing them; mainly because they are not really there.  Warwick is a bit of a crazy and has these imaginary friends that come over to party with him.  He can see and interact with them, but poor John is left out of the loop.  Soon Warwick tells John the plans for the evening and shows him a scrapbook of other ‘guests’ that he’s had over for dinner. He had taken pictures of his victims every three hours, and in each picture the subject is bloodier and more beaten until the last picture… in which their throat has been cut.  Although Warwick insists this is going to be a fun party, John is starting to have his doubts.  Each time he passes out, the party is apparently wilder than when he dozed off.  He awakens shortly after midnight to find all of those in attendance doing a disco themed dance number to ‘Carwash’, complete with a conga line and pelvic thrusting.

As he awakes again his tries to reason with Warwick.  Trying to explain that the money he stole was for his girlfriend’s operation, which after a series of ongoing flashbacks is revealed to be the truth, but it’s too late.  John has made his bed, and now he has to die lie in it.    As 6am approaches and he awakes in a bathtub, the last thing he sees before he is going to be murdered is Warwick having sex with and invisible guy or gal, as if things weren’t already bad enough.  Just when you see the aftermath of the night’s events, things switch gears as the story takes on a completely different angle.  We don’t want to spoil it for you, but it comes completely out of left field and makes this thing that much more interesting!

Alex’s Thoughts:  I saw a trailer for this movie a while back, and thought it looked interesting.  That trailer lead you to believe that multiple people were involved in the confinement of the ‘guest’, but in reality it was Warick’s multiple personalities that were involved.  I found myself shocked when early on it was Warwick alone to subdued John, and no one else was there… ever.  I really enjoyed watching this, but at times the flashbacks seemed sort of repetitive and a little unnecessary.  David Hyde Pierce did a great job acting as a psychopath, but some of his miming while hallucinating could have been pulled off better; in addition to his butch persona, which doesn’t come off very well on-screen.  I enjoyed the false ending, and was surprised by how much more movie there was, and how much the plot turned just when you thought it was over.  It became a lot better movie, and quite more complex after that, which is a nice surprise.  If you like chillers, high tension movies or want to see Miles Crane ‘motorboat’ an invisible woman, this is the movie for you.  Alex Rates This Movie: 9/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I was prepared to hate this movie, mostly because when I saw the previews, I thought that they gave everything away. I couldn’t have been more wrong. David Hyde Pierce will now always be a terrifying psycho in my eyes. Everything down to even his walk as he struts around his apartment with a strange confidence that conveys how he’s feeling more than a script or dialogue could ever give you. There are a few parts that I was less than impressed with, and the double cross I saw coming a mile away, but the dinner party kept me guessing the entire way. Overall pretty fantastic, and I recommend strongly that not only do you see this, but avoid Red Wine at all costs. Tim Rates This Movie:9/10

“You’re my guest, and I’m glad you’re here… but you only have yourself to blame.”

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