Ghostbusters II (1989)

Poor Dana Barrett, as if being haunted, turned into a demon dog AND being forced to have sex with Rick Moranis in the first movie wasn’t bad enough, now her baby carriage is possessed and is careening through the streets of Manhattan with her child inside.  Who is she gonna call?  We’re not sure, as the Ghostbusters have been put out of business after being accused of causing all of the damage accrued by Gozer being an asshole and wrecking half the city a few years ago.  The guys have gone their separate ways and are each working at unfulfilling jobs, but manage to stay in touch.  They work together to check into Dana’s situation, even Vankman, who she had a falling out with years before.

The guys locate some paranormal activity under the street, so they proceed to unlawfully dig a huge hole in the middle of the road to see what’s up.  As Ray is lowered beneath the street he spots a river of pink slime, and quickly gets sample before it tries to eat him.  The cops are not to keen about some random dudes tearing up the street, so they are arrested and brought before a judge.  As the judge berates them, the Ghostbusters notice the evadence slime is reacting to the negative energy of the court and soon it releases the ghosts of two brothers who were sentenced to death by the judge.  Our heroes end up saving the judge and are now back in business.

Thanks to this slime churning out more ghosts, business is booming.  They go check out the museum where Dana works to find a frightening painting of a historical figure named Vigo, who it turns out was an ancient magician, and a bit of a dickwad.  After analyzing the photos, they discover that the river of slime is shown in the pictures, right before said photos try to kill them.  The group goes underground to find the source of the flow, butVigo isn’t going to let that happen, and tries to get them to kill each other. Vigo wants to live again, and since he needs to do it on New Year’s Eve, he promptly gets the creepy museum curator to steal Dana’s baby so he can have a cute body to inhabit. Our heroes use the positive power of the slime to animate the Statue of Liberty and charge towards the museum only to be trapped byVigo.  Just as he is about to enter the baby (in a totally non-sexual way) at the stroke of midnight, the joy of the crowd outside defeats him:  Ghostbusters 1, Carpathian Creeps 0.

Alex’s Thoughts: While nowhere as near as iconic as the first Ghostbusters, the sequel isn’t all bad.  Yes there are some pretty slow parts; and the climax of the movie is a bit of a let down, but not all villains can be a hundred foot marshmallow man.  It is hard for me to dislike anything Ghostbusters, as the original movie is probably my favorite film ever, so while most people didn’t like this, I still find some humor and some great one-liners in parts of it.  Since it doesn’t look like we will ever get a third movie, this is all we got, so you might want to give it another watch and focus on the good parts (mostly involving Bill Murray).   Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: When I watched this again for the blog, all I could think is “When’s Bill Murray coming back?” It’s not bad for a sequel and really all of Venkman’s lines are great, and if it weren’t for him, this movie would just drag on and on. If you can convince them to kill off Murray’s character, and get Rick Moranis out of retirement maybe a Ghostbusters 3 could happen. Keep in mind, the only reason Venkman has to die is Murray has said he’d only do the movie if he could come back as a ghost. Brilliant. Just stay with Ghostbusters and skip the sequel. You could youtube the best lines, and save yourself the hour and a half. Tim Rates This Movie 6/10

“Suck in the guts, guys, we’re the Ghostbusters.”

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