Attack the Block (2011)

Moses runs a badass gang of teenage hoodlums… trust. As they are mugging a young lady in a sketchy part of South London, a strange meteor crashes into a parked car next to them. Everyone is knocked to the ground, and their victim escapes after being scared shit-less twice in the last two minutes.  Moses will not tolerate inturruptions to his jackings, so he sticks his head into the smashed up vehicle to investigate/ steal anything of value.  All he finds is find a small pissed-off alien that scratches up his face then runs off through the park. Moses and his crew chase down the creature and beat it to death. The gang drags its prize to the apartment building (the block) they live in to show off their trophy to those they pass by. They head up to the top apartment to ask their stoner friend Ron (Nick Front) to help them identify what kind of critter it is they are towing around, since all he does is get baked and watch the Discovery Channel. Not sure what it is, they leave it in the “weed room” and before they head out for more mischief, the head of the Block Gang, Hi-Hatz, promotes Moses to a drug dealer, and tells him he’s going to be a made man. As this is going on, everyone is watching out the window as all of these alien pods are crashing in the nearby area.

The kids leave the building looking to kick some more alien ass, but find that these aliens are much larger and vicious then the one they killed.  They get spotted by the 5-0 and Moses gets cuffed, as the girl in the police car identifies him as one of the boys who mugged her. Lucky for him, some aliens show up to chomp up the coppers and Moses and his buddy jack the cop car to escape being torn to shreds. As they are driving back to the block they crash into Hi-Hatz, and as they are working out insurance info, a crazy alien with glowing teeth starts chomping on Hi-Hatz lackey. The kids flee into the apartment block only to discover that the woman they mugged lives there too. As more and more of these creatures start to show up, they realize that they are focusing on this building, and only attacking certain people. Moses soon understands that it’s him he wants, he’s covered with the blood of the small alien he killed which was a female, and the other beings, the males, can smell it on him. So they hatch up a scheme to get all the monsters in one place and blow them up. Moses insists that he’s the one to do it, as most of this is his fault, bringing us to our explosive conclusion and our young protagonist’s redemption.

Alex’s Thoughts: I would agree with Tim when I say this isn’t exactly what I was expecting.  The trailers sort of pitched this as a comedy, and while there is comedic relief throughout, it is most definitely an old school horror movie much in the vein of Aliens.  The filmmakers had no qualms about killing off the kids, and in quite a brutal fashion I might add.  While some people might have issues with that, I thought it showed commitment to the story (and it’s just a movie, people).  The alien effects weren’t all that great, but the design of them wasn’t overly complicated and left a lot to the imagination, which sometimes can be more effective.  If you’re a fan of the genre and want a decent horror movie with some laughs here and there, you should check this out.  Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: I don’t think this was as great as I had hoped it would be, but it is still a pretty excellent movie. It made me think of a Goonies or Monster Squad except they are willing to kill off characters with extreme prejudice. While the thick English accents will throw off some casual  viewers, I think that fans of Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels will enjoy this. Don’t get hung up on how bad the kids are, and pay attention to how realistic a portrayal of middle/high school kids act and think, and it will just add another enjoyable layer to an already pretty darn good movie. Give it a chance, and try to have some fun with it. Tim Rates This Movie 9/10

I’m shitting myself innit’, but at the same time… This is sick.”


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