Greetings all, and welcome to the distant future of 2012.  We hope you got that flying car and jetpack you wanted for Christmas.  Those fools in the 1980’s were so full of crap… we want our goddamn jetpack now!  Anyway, we hope that you had a good holiday season; but now it’s time to get back into the swing of cooking meth, selling your bodies on the street or whatever it is that you do.  Hopefully whatever scandalous activities you do also involve reading this blog, which is scandalous in its own rite.  We are going to have a small format change starting with our next post: we will be posting two movie per week going forward, and posting those on weekdays.  No more of this four-movies-a-week shit, we are not your entertainment slaves!  We know that you can’t get enough of this shit, but you’re going to just have to cool your jets for the time being.  We think that this change will allow us to do a better job on each post, and also we will not just be reviewing things because we need to get something out there, but rather find movies that we want to review and share with you meatheads.

The next few months should have some good flicks for you fine people, and we will also have a few guest reviewers.  As always, we welcome your suggestions for improving the site and always look forward to getting movie review requests.  Tim and I will also be part of a web series that should be premiering in the next few months, so hopefully we can share that with you assuming it doesn’t stink up the place.  Stay funky everyone! – A & T