Die Hard (1988)

A NYPD cop is traveling cross-country to LA to try to patch things up with the wife.  He is planning on meeting her at her office building for their Christmas party, but some terrorists also plan on joining the party; but they are going to skip the food and dancing and just steal a shit ton of money from the vault.  As our hero tries to pull his shit together in the bathroom, shots ring out.  He gets a peek at the situation, and works on a plan to kill these mofos and save their hostages…  Everyone has seen this movie; so you know what happens next: forever type-cast as a cop Carl Winslow shows up and soon the entire LAPD in on-site to TCOB.  They fail, so John McClane takes it upon himself to kill all of those shits then chucks Professor Snape off of the roof (“what goes around comes around” laughs the ghost of Albus Dumbledore), then he probably proceeds to get it on with his wife.  All is well until next Christmas when some other asshole tries to get rich.

Alex’s Thoughts: This is truly a man’s man movie.  I didn’t care for a few of the sequels, but this is best by far; Bruce Willis was at his best when he still had hair, was boning Demi Moore and making bad investments in Hollywood themed restaurants.  There are explosions, guns and Germans getting shot up, what more could you want out of an action flick? It even has Alan Rickman, a totally under-rated actor.  Most everyone has seen this, I’m sure; but if it has been a while you might was to see it again to remind yourself how awesome it is.  Alex Rates This Movie 10/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Um can you say “Best Christmas movie ever!”? Yes Virginia, there is a John Mclaine and he will kick your ass! I love all the of the Die Hard movies, but numero uno is tops. The action is still riveting  and the one-liners are still funny, making this one of my all time favorites. This movie launched Bruce Willis into stardom, and the world is a better place for it, so this holiday season fire up your favorite movie player, gather the family around the TV, and pop in Die Hard. You’ll thank us for it.Tim Rates This Movie 15/10

“Why the fuck didn’t you stop ’em, John? ‘Cause then you’d be dead, too, asshole.”

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