Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

A New York thief named Harry (Robert Downey Jr) accidentally wanders into an audition while running from the cops, and winds up being cast in a movie in LA.  While at a glitzy Hollywood party, he meets a girl whom he follows to a bar, and it ends up being his high school crush; but he accidentally bangs her friend so she isn’t interested.  The next morning he is sent out with a private detective named Gay Perry (Val Kilmer) to do some research for his movie role.  They are just doing some servalience work when they discover two guys speeding off from the house they are watching, and give chase.  They find the car dumped in a lake with a dead body in the truck, and are now being framed for the murder.  Harry’s crush comes back to him asking for help, as her sister has just been found dead and thinks he is a real detective.  It turns out that the dead girl and the sister have a connection as the bumbling actor/thief and queer detective try to unravel the mystery and try to got get themselves murdered.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I went into this one blind, having never even heard of this flick before.  I’m really glad I got to watch it though, as I was surprised by how great it was.  The entire movie is a nod back to old detective movies and pulp comics, and I think it pulls that off really nicely.  RDJ and Kilmer are a great team and play off of each other really well; and was surprised at just how funny Val Kilmer still is.  You don’t really think of him as a comedic actor, but he is quite good at it.  And there is a reason why Downey keeps getting chances in Hollywood even though he has some issues: he is fucking awesome at what he does.  This role was either made exclusively for him, or he just took it and made it his.  Perfection.  If you like buddy cop action comedies you will love this! Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Alex is 100% correct with this one, Kiss Kiss falls under the category of great movies you’ve never heard of. Kilmer and Downey are a fantastic duo, and the snappy directing just has to keep up. Really fun story telling, and it’s always a joy watching great actors just work their characters to the fullest extent. I can’t rave enough about the chemistry between the two leads, so I will stop here, so just go watch it already! Tim Rates This Movie:9/10

Look up “idiot” in the dictionary. You know what you’ll find?… The definition of the word idiot, which you fucking are!”

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