Punisher: War Zone (2008)

Frank Castle is the Punisher, he punishes criminals that the Law won’t, or can’t. Did we mention he doesn’t discriminate either? Yep, old ladies and old men are not untouchable here. The problem is one mobster in particular (Jigsaw) doesn’t appreciate all of Frank’s hard work, and after surviving an attack that not only ended in the death of and undercover police officer, but also in the maiming of our villain, he decides he wants revenge. This doesn’t jive with Mr. Castle, who is so devastated by the death of an innocent by his hand, that he’s decided to retire. Jigsaw not being dissuaded from his plans decides to threaten the family of the deceased agent, and lure ol’ Frankie out, and as you can imagine mayhem ensues.

Alex’s Thoughts: While this is better than that Dolph Lundgren piece of shit from the 80’s, I still like the Tom Jane version better.  I know he didn’t really reflect the ‘fuck everyone’ ideals of Frank Castle, but it was a better movie in my opinion.  The Punisher is a bit of an odd hero, since he kills people; and other heroes in the Marvel Universe think he is a vigilante, so the character is hard to pin down.  I have never been much of a fan of the comic, as a ‘superhero’ with no super powers is sort of lame in my book.  The movie itself is tolerable, but is way down on my list of comic book movies I would want to watch again.  Alex Rates This Movie 5/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Like watching old ladies getting killed violently along with all the other mobsters?  Then this is the movie for you! Despite Jigsaw being waaay over the top (Sly Stallone) it fits along with the rest of the mood. The violence is insane and nonstop, and that’s what a Punisher movie should be. So Buckle up and enjoy, and if you don’t like gratuitous violence, then skip it dummy, it’s called Punisher: Warzone for a reason! Tim Rates This Movie: 9/10

Sometimes I would like to get my hands on God.”

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