Comic Book: The Movie (2004)

Hollywood is searching for the next big comic book movie franchise, and they have decided to make a movie about the once popular Commander Courage!  Well sort of.  You see Comander Courage was a big hit from the 40’s thruogh the 60’s but has grown into obscurity, so they aim to re-boot this has-been hero into Codename: Courage.  The movie studio is looking for someone to peddel this thing to the fans of the original comic, so they find the country’s leading Comander Courage expert – high school history teacher and comic book store owner Don Swan (Mark Hamill).  Don comes to LA to meet with the studio and is sure he is there to pitch his ideas for the movie, but they have their own ideas for Courage and have no interest in making it like the old comic book.  They just want an expert to tell everyone at San Diego Comic Con how great this movie is going to be, and have a camera crew follow him around as an extra on the DVD!  Don has other ideas as he gathers a group together to try and change the studio’s and the fan’s perspective of his favorite character.

Alex’s Thoughts:  This was the third time I’ve tried to watch this movie, as the past two times I fell asleep.  I thought maybe I was just really tired the times before, but it turns out that this movie is just really boring.  I’m as big a fanboy as the rest of you nerds, but the only thing that remotely kept my attention were the few sceens from the floor at San Diego Comic Con, and only because I was looking at the cosplayers.  You would think this would be right up my alley, as I love the subject matter, but… it’s boring as fuck!  Did I mention that before?  There were a few interesting cameos, but that was it.  Also, the guy who plays Leo is the voice actor who does Phillip J. Fry on Futurama, and talks in that voice the whole movie, so that right there is distracting and off-putting to me.  Maybe if I wasn’t such a fan of the show it wouldn’t matter, but it did.  If you are a fanboy, you might like this; if you could care less about comics you should definiatly skip this one.  Alex Rates This Movie 4/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Not great, but I liked it a lot more than Alex. I was never bored, but I think parts of it felt a bit forced. There are some excellent cameos and a hilarious Star Wars moment. Not nearly as good as other “Mockumentaries” but for comic book fans I think there is some enjoyment to be found. Especially if you have had a character you love get destroyed by a movie studio. Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

You’re Commander Courage! You’re like a Daniel Boone that was bitten by a radioactive Davy Crockett!”

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