Judge Dredd (1995)

In the future, the United States is a barren wasteland, much like a present day K-Mart.  The world’s population has been herded into several huge mega cities, but with all of those peeps in one spot, crime was running rampant and it caused the judicial system to collapse.  A new form of law was established, where judges would be on the street dispensing justice without the need of a courtroom; they were the judge, jury and executioner if need be.  The best of these Judges was the roid’ed out Judge Dredd (Sly Stallone), who was a strict ‘I’ll kick your ass by the book’ type of dude.  While judging some assholes trying to start a block war, he finds newly paroled hacker Rob Schneider hiding in a robot, and sends his butt back to the clink.  As Dredd is blowing up a dude’s car for a DUI, he is arrested for the murder of a reporter; which is funny, because he hasn’t killed a reporter lately.  He gets the luxury of a trial, but is convicted on DNA evidence.  Despite his protests, he is sent off to prison as well.  Wouldn’t you know it, he is stuck next to Rob Schneider on the way to the joint, but their ship is shot down shortly after take off.  They return to the city to try to clear up Dredd’s name, but find the city in chaos with many judges have been murdered by Dredd’s former best friend Rico, who it turns out is his genetic clone (despite the fact that they look nothing alike).  Dredd must stop Rico and his cohort’s plan for an army of super judges who want to bring martial law to the city.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I really dig the first half of this movie, actually more that I should admit.  I still think it’s good and has held its own over time. But once Dredd is sent packing, it’s starts to get a little wonky and a little too full of itself.  The whole cloning thing kind of puts me off, and is just kind of silly.  This is an action movie, you don’t need this deep psychological conflict; just blow shit up! I enjoy the design if this movie a lot (sets, costumes, etc.), and it will hold me attention every time on that alone, but the story does need some work.  Here’s hoping that the re-boot movie coming out next year keeps the good stuff, and gets rid of the crap.  I’m talking to you, Rob Schneider!  Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim’s Thoughts: Ugh, this movie should be darker, less cheeky, and more violent. While I have only limited exposure to the comic book, it doesn’t take much to see that this movie is far inferior. If you want a funny action packed Sly Stallone movie from this era, then watch Demolition Man. Now that’s a good movie, (for what it is) and the goofiness fits in there. Skip Judge Dredd, and wait for the reboot, this came out at a time when there was a whole lot of Stallone, and not a lot of good movies to go with it. Sorry kiddos. Tim Rates This Movie 4/10

It’s a lie! The evidence has been falsified! It’s impossible! I never broke the law, I AM THE LAW!”

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